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Word of Life

Without the Son of Man standing in between, I bet you no flesh in this Generation will ever be reconciled to God. (The Son of Man)

My Mission

I am not sent to those whose hands are clean, legs clean, clothes clean, shoes clean; but hearts dirty. I am sent to come and save liberally minded people, who know they can do nothing to save themselves; they now depend on the creator of heaven and earth to help them out. …  (The Son of Man)

God's Purpose

From today, you can now see that God’s divine purpose and election was for good and not evil; that God was aiming at blinding more ‘WISE MEN’ in the world. He decided to go in a way people will call “way of unrighteousness” decided to do things people cannot understand. God is hidden in “paradox” to reveal himself in a “mysterious way” – strange and unbelievable to the people.

(The Son of Man)