Preached on july 5th 2014 At household of god, lagos (During the wedding between Pastor Rotimi and Sister Onyedikachi) By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “the great jehovah” “Truth has no substitute” © BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

If I say Almighty God will not slaughter me, who is the Almighty to begin with? If I am afraid that God will slaughter me, which God will slaughter me?

Let me tell you, I am the only Being that can lay down His life and pick it. Believe it if you can…

— The Son of Man

An excerpt from the Message: CHECK POINT, PP. 3)

Whatsoever God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Marriage is for men and not for boys. It is because people do not speak the truth again, that is why a sacred institution is being messed up. Young boys rush into marriage without counselling. Our prophet Branham said that it should be entered advisedly. You must be advised by God. The Word of God must tell you when you are up to a standard, you do not go because others are going.

I am laying a foundation for a successful marriage for I want this marriage to be successful and the only gift I can give is to lay a solid background where they can build on.

The decision to marry is the decision to accept your husband’s headship over you. If you do not believe in that, if you know you are above that woman a man can bear rule over, do not marry. Any woman that feels she is above a man’s authority is not supposed to think of marriage and it will take a prostitute to think that way.

That is why you see many ladies on the streets, marriage is never in their programmes; and really, no man can keep them in his house. However, one that is not above marriage, God said that your husband must bear rule over you; that he is your final authority, you must reverence him even if he is poor. No matter his condition, you must reverence him, you must! –The Son of Man (MARRIAGE THE OLDEST INSTITUTION ORDAINED OF GOD VOL. 1 PP 79 VS 14-18 &YOU MUST PAY HEED TO EVERY… page 36, verse 10-15)



To God be the glory. I am standing before your presence, great and small here, present, not as the father of our Sister Onyedikachi Favour Odoemena. Never, never! Thus, put that one aside.

2. We will talk about that one when we will be entertaining ourselves. But for now, see Me from My scriptural commission. For the scriptural commission of every man of God will reveal the office He occupies. And the office he occupies automatically reveals who He is.

3. What is more, whatever He is, determines what you are likely to expect from Him. expecting anything that is not in agreement with the commission of a man of God means over expectation. You are bound to be disappointed.

4. We are living in a hopeless, reckless and worthless generation—a jojo’s generation. I mean, the most religious generation which is the most deceitful age. This is the age where people put outward form of religion. But the power thereof, they deny.

5. This is the age where nobody accepts to be called a pagan or Satan. This is the age where everybody accepts that he is serving God’s interest by going by the name Christian. Well, it is a funny age.

6. Experience has convinced Me that people delight themselves in going to Church but they refuse to serve God. One thing is to go to Church; another thing is to serve God. They are two different things.

7. That is why, the greatest iniquity is found today in the Church. And it starts with the clergy, proceeds to the laity. Every evil today is traceable to the Church. And it starts from the celebrated office. I am not here to pamper you, neither am I here to seek your favour. No! I am already favoured.

8. If you have not seen one that is favoured of the Lord, you have seen Him today. Not only favoured but greatly favoured.

9. Because I do not know the population of the world, but it pleased the Almighty God that the Deity should be found in Me. I never worked for it, I never laboured for it, I never campaign. How the Almighty decided it should be so, only Him can tell.

10. I am standing between the heavens and the earth to declare His Righteousness. No more, no less. I am not on the scene to check sin; no! Sin had already been taken care of.


12. I am not on the scene for deliverance neither am I here for any campaign, I am on the scene to declare the truth as it is revealed to Me for this generation: A religious generation, a perverse and crooked generation. A generation that doesn’t know God. A generation that will never accept that they do not know God. Any way, it never started with you.

13. To the Jews, Jehovah appeared to them with a plain statement. He said, “The ox knoweth its owner; animals in the forest, wild animals, domestic animals, they know their owners, but My people do not know Me.”

14. Can it be possible that the people that were seeking God saw God without recognising Him? It has always been like that. Let us not go too far. A Prophet can never be honoured in his own country.

15. A Prophet is never acknowledged while he is alive by his town’s men. But when he leaves the scene that is the time people begin to realise how they missed the visitation of God in their day. It has always been like that. Starting from the days of old, every man of God has raised families. Not “A”, I say families.

16. Abraham raised families. Isaac raised families. Jacob raised families. And you are today worshipping the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Who said, “I am the Lord, I changeth not. For that reason, you sons and daughters of Jacob are not consumed.”

17. We say He is the same yesterday, today and forever. It is easier to be said, but in practice, we deny it. If He doesn’t change, that means, whatever He was in the days of our fathers is what He is today.

18. When He came in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, He came in the form of a human being; conceived by a virgin – a woman called Mary in the family of Joseph. Born as a human being, grew up in knowledge and in stature. Nurtured by the parents.

19. The Jews never recognised Him as their Messiah. If they had recognised Him as their Messiah, they would have paid strict attention to His words.

20. Thus, from the very beginning till today, no man has ever recognised God. God can pass your way without you noticing His presence. That is why, He is found by people that never sought Him.

21. In every dispensation, God is revealed. If God is not revealed to you, you will not know who He is. And it is upon the revelation of who He is that compels you to pay attention to His words. For whosoever God sends speaks the Word of God. For the spirit of God is in Him without measure.

22. In other words, in Him according to the scriptures dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Upon this revelation, every elect stands to hear Him.

23. I am not here to introduce Myself. But there is no way I can pass an information without giving you a slight introduction of the Divine Personality in the Godhead, standing on earth in human form—as it has always been since the creation of the world. It is not a mystery. Amen.



I want to come to something. You have read few scriptures as recorded by the Apostles, recorded by our patriarchs. There is no scripture you have not been hearing in your Churches during weddings such as we are here. There is nothing you have not heard.

2. It is not the greatest preacher that makes the greatest adherent of truth. The scripture never said, “He that knows the truth, speak the truth is saved;” But “he that doeth the truth.”

3. Whoever that does the truth, that put the truth in action, in him is the love of God perfected. But when you hear, confirm it to be true, go away and behave contrary, you have already judged and condemned yourself.

4. For the Lord Jesus Christ, when he was on the scene in human form, told them clearly, “If I speak to you and you refuse to pay attention to my words, I condemn you not for I have not come to condemn you but to save you. But let it be known to you that in the last day, the same words which I have spoken, the same will condemn you.”

5. Let us see the book of Psalms. Remember, I have appealed to you, overlook My relationship with the bride that is wedding the groom today. Whether she is My daughter, My wife or anything, it is immaterial.

6. The husband and the wife joined their hands together to invite Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be to His Holy Name) as the guest preacher. And I accepted the invitation.

7. Thus, I am officiating in the office of the Apostle and guest preacher for now (Selah). When we will talk about the father, the mother, the grandparents, that time will come. I may change this preaching dress and wear another ceremonial dress. Bear with Me in My foolishness as I show you this scripture.

8. All I am going to say in a few minutes will revolve on this scripture. I know many will not like it, but like it for God’s sake. We will consider it from different translations.

9. Psalms 45 verses 10 through 11. That is My revolving point.

10. Psalms 45 verses 10 through 11: “Hearken, O daughter, and consider,...”

11. Hear My daughter and consider. You are My witnesses this day. Even if there is no other thing you will take to heart, all that are hearing Me, please, memorize this passage: Hear O daughter, hear My daughter. Open your ears; be attentive to My words because I am the Source of your existence. Without Me, you couldn’t have come into live. So, I am your Creator.

12. Every man is made a creator. Don’t doubt Me. God created Adam and Eve and commanded them to go and continue the act of creation of human beings until they will fill the earth. Am I making sense?

13. “Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear;...”

14. Hearken and consider, incline your ear unto Me.

15. “...forget also thine own people,...”

16. Do what? Forget also thine own people. Remember the book of Genesis said, “For that reason shall a man leave his parents and cleave to his wife. And the two shall be one.”

17. I know this scripture might be strange to many. You are fond of quoting how a man should forsake father, forsake mother, forsake relations and bind himself to his wife. It is a common scripture. A common knowledge.

18. But I am bringing this one also that is in the Bible, that is not commonly read even in the Churches: Hearken My daughter, incline your ear to My word. Forget from this very afternoon, say bye-bye to whosoever your father may be. Whosoever your mother might be, whosoever might be your relations; the way Brother Rotimi was commanded by the same Bible, by the same Jehovah to forsake his parents and relations and cleave to you.

19. Let Me tell you, I know God for one thing: He is the God of justice and equity. There is no variableness in Him.

20. The Lord cannot command Me to forsake My parents and cleave to My wife and allow My wife to embrace her parents and relations. It then means, this is the greatest form of injustice. And there must be problem. Yes, there must be problem.

21. If you kill your mother, My daughter will kill her mother. You will be motherless. Then, you will marry as motherless husband and wife. No problem again. Your own mother won’t cause trouble; her own mother won’t cause trouble. Abi na lie? That is what God is saying now.

22. When you forsake your own, she will forsake her own. Two of you will build a world of your own. A world, you have now created a new world. The world of Adam and Eve who had no father, they had no mother and they lived together in peace.

23. Read that scripture. May be you think I am crazy. I am not crazy. I am saying what I am seeing in the scripture. You can crosscheck it yourself. Lest the devil will begin to tempt you into thinking that I am injecting My own words. No!

24. What makes you a seed of God? it is your ability to accept the truth no matter how hard, no matter how bitter. It is a bitter truth. My daughter, from this day, say bye-bye to your parents, your relations.

25. “...forget also thine own people, and thy father's house;...”

26. And what? Thy fathers house.

27. “...So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty:...”

28. So shall the King greatly desire thy beauty.

29. “...for he is thy Lord;...”

30. For he is what? Thy Lord! L.O.R.D! Why not put your hands together! Who is the king over the woman if not the husband? Any woman that does not treat her husband as a King, she has erred. That is why, the only person that deserves the best honour, the best respect, the best dress in the home, the best service, is the husband-man.

31. yes, The best meat is for him. The best plate, is for him. The best bedsheet, is for him. The best pillow, is for him. Everything, best! Why? he is the King. “

32. ...for he is thy Lord; and worship thou him...”

33. She has drawn her conclusion that she is a winner. Before you know it, she will wax a record, “I am a winner in the Lord Jesus.” And the husband will be looking at her with corner-corner eyes. She has become a singer because she won the battle.

34. Let Me tell you, God wants us to live in peace. He wants our families to be paradise on earth. And this is not possible until we abide by the rules and regulations governing the family.

35. rule number one is: Parents, off your hands, off your eyes, off your mouth. Don’t ever meddle into their affairs. Even if you are invited, tell them to learn to settle it themselves.

36. Remember, for your family to thrive, you must have your own exclusive preserve. That is, concealing matters affecting your family from all outsiders. Settling them inside your bedroom. For that is where they belong to. Any day the matter is dragged from the bedroom to the parlour, truly speaking, that family has become a public-controlled family.

37. Opinions will come. Friends will come. Even those that have scattered their own families will become special counsellors. Those that are running broken homes, automatically will assume responsibility of becoming marriage advisers. If you are a good adviser, why is your home not in peace?

38. I am saying, as far as marriage is concernED, the family must be unique. There should be no external adviser. No adviser is greater than Almighty God. If there is a little crisis, simply invite Christ the anointed word of God. The message you have received is enough to build you up. Amen.



The book of Ephesians chapter 5. If marriage message is not properly handled, women will feel cheated that God favours men more than the women.

2. Have I balanced the issue of separating from both families? Yes sir! Is it a command given to the man alone? No sir! The woman is equally given a command. And all of you have heard it.

3. Ephesians chapter 5 verse 22 through 23, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the Church: and he is the saviour of the body...”

4. Who is the Saviour of the Body? Christ! Please, Note it very well. I handled this message briefly this morning in our family altar. I am here to confirm it from the scriptures again.

5. Christ is the head of the Church as the man is the head of the woman. The man is the head of the woman. The Bible said, “You man, remember you must give account of the wife of your youth.”

6. No woman will account of man before God, for God doesn’t listen to any woman. A woman is seen and not heard.

7. It is only in this our generation that we are seeing things being turned upside down. We hear chief doctor Mrs... Her royal majesty, Mrs so, so and so. In the beginning, it wasn’t so.

8. A woman is never a public figure. A woman is never permitted to take traditional title. If you are a chief wearing red cap and your husband is a chief wearing red cap, which one is greater? (A woman answered the wife.)

9. The wife? Being a chief with red cap? The husband, chief red cap. You are all red cap chiefs.

10. You see where the problem started! People are turning things upside. Tell Me, which tradition admits that nonsense in the beginning? It is only in our modern time where they now believe and preach “women liberation” that “what a man can do, a woman can also do it even better.”

11. But the Bible is saying a different thing altogether: That the head of the woman is the husband and she must see to it that she respects, reverences, honours and obeys her husband. As Christ is the head of the Church and saviour of the Church, so is the husband the head and saviour of the wife.

12. Please, note it. One of the reasons why women marry is for security. Security socially, security spiritually. Security all round.

13. Any man that cannot offer his wife the needed security is not qualified to be a husband. In the time of trouble, there is no place the woman will run to except to the husband. And if the husband does not save the wife, who else will save?

14. Please, note it all of you. I am putting you in remembrance. Though you know these truths. The husband-man is the head; his wife must subject herself to his authority. You are to give instruction; her duty is to say amen. She is to obey because authority comes from the head down to the bottom.

15. Any day authority starts flowing from the bottom to the head, something has gone wrong. And that is what we are seeing today.

16. By nature, no woman wants to be governed by a man. That is why; the most difficult being to control has always been a woman.

17. Adam could not control Eve even when the two were the only human beings in the Garden of Eden. And it has always been like that. No woman is small. Every woman is mighty in action.

18. Underrate the capability of women and destroy your life pre-maturely. It is only in the Faith of Christ that women can be controlled using the Word of God.

19. For without the Word of God, there is nothing in this life nor in the life to come that can instil fear in the heart of a woman.

20. This is why we insist that it will take believers to marry believer. What is more, marry one that believes the same thing you believe so that the administration of your family will be made easy. Then, if two of you marry as believers, and begin to live as unbelievers, you are causing trouble.

21. Ephesians 5 verses 22-23. “You wives must submit to your husband’s leadership.”

22. You wives, what is the essence of the head if not to give the body a sense of direction. That is why, the whole sensory organ of the body are all embedded in the head.

23. Your eyes are there (in the head), your nose, your ears, your mouth, everything and your brain. You wives must, M.U.S.T! So God put it down. You must obey your husband’s leadership.

24. In every family where a woman is taking the lead, destruction is eminent. And by nature, women want to lead. That is a sign of ungodliness. Unless you are a daughter of God who obeys the truth, I bet you even as I am talking now, you are boiling inside. You are feeling like asking Me to come down if I do not have anything better to say.

25. It will only take a daughter of God, that is why the Bible said that God has given us believing hearts to believe the truth. Truth is very heavy, not every shoulder can carry it. We cannot because of your inability to accept the truth shun away from speaking the truth in love. Thus, whether you want it or not, the Word of God liveth and reigneth forever.

26. Every woman, the Bible said you must obey your husband’s leadership. If you are saying no to his leadership, you are frustrating the family. You are placing a cog in the wheel of progress. For there is no way the family can forge ahead without the husband and wife agreeing both in principle and in practice.

27. I am not saying it so that you clap hands for Me. My daughter, I hope you are taking note? Brother Rotimi, you are taking note too? Heaven and earth bear Me witness this day that you invited Me and because you invited me, I will tell you the truth.

28. Leadership is a man’s responsibility. Any woman that is trying to overthrow leadership, a constituted authority, that person is already condemned in the sight of God. For it is an act of rebellion—rebelling against God own constituted authority; it is an awful crime in the sight of God.

29. If you are a seed of God, you run away from it completely. Even if your husband is wrong, your duty is to make a suggestion and not to give a command.

30. The moment suggestion becomes a command; it is no longer a suggestion. When you are suggesting something, open your heart, enlarge your mind that your husband has the right to accept your suggestion or reject your suggestion.

31. However, when you want to make it an imposition, that is, whether he likes it or not, it becomes a command. You are now leading. You have toppled the government. And God has already seen you as an infidel; rebellion, an offence that is punishable by death.

32. I will show you scriptures. Where we read before says, “My daughter, open your ears, incline your ears unto Me.”

33. You must leave your parents today; embrace your husband for he is your King and your Lord. For only then will the King delight Himself in your beauty. Even if you like, be the most beautiful woman in the world by appearance, and your attitude towards your husband is rubbish, you can never win the man’s love. The man can never admire you. For the beauty of every woman is measured by her character.

34. We better pay attention. Leadership is conferred on the man whether the woman likes it or not. In other words, the decision to marry means, the decision by a woman to subject herself under a man’s leadership, Your academic background notwithstanding, Social standing, notwithstanding. Family, parental, this and that, rubbish.

35. Any academic attainment or social status a woman attains in life that removes that woman from her God placed position, that thing is of the devil. For God can never be against Himself. God will always live to justify Himself to be the very Just and Upright God.

36. When God created the woman, you see, I don’t want to provoke you there. Because what is troubling the world is nothing but the inadequacies, imperfections of the imperfect person. The forgotten creature who was remembered when everything was created – declared good and perfect. And she was not there.

37. When He (God) remembered the necessity of giving a man a helpmate, He said, “Okay, I won’t bother Myself using the sand, sleep, let Me do something.”

38. Have you wondered why of every part of the body, God took a rib from a man’s side? What overlap the rib, is it not the hand? It is! Raise up your hand, watch your ribs. You see, the woman is placed where the overlapping hands of the husband will cover her.

39. God never made her to be equal with the man. Otherwise, what would have been used to mould the woman would have come from the head. If he took it from the hand, there would be boxing. He took it from the leg, there would be karating. But He took it from the ribs, from the side.

40. That is why; a woman is always by the side of her own husband with the overlapping hand of the man covering her protection, want, love, everything. Think about it.

41. If a masquerade is coming now on the street, no matter your social status, no matter your height, you (a woman) must run. If you meet a small boy; just a small boy, you see a big madam running behind a small boy. While the small boy is there, no masquerade will touch the woman.

42. There is virtue in a man. What God fashioned in His own image is a man. That is not My message.

43. I am coming to leadership because this leadership is causing trouble everywhere. This leadership, who takes the lead in the family? Every woman will like to take the lead. Inasmuch as I want our women to attain some levels of education, occupy some public positions, I am strongly against women taking over positions made for men. I will say it wherever I go that I am strongly against women taking over positions made for men.

44. For by nature, women are dictators. Women are dictators. Some of them are even tyrants—very despotic and uneasily entreated. Anybody can forgive and forget iniquity that is done to him, but not a woman.

45. If you think your wife has forgiven, offend her the following day; she will give you the catalogue of all you did before. Where then lies the forgiveness? Women do not forget but they merely suppress their feelings. And that is why when it gets to a point, they will bounce back.

46. Leadership is very, very essential in life especially in the family. The man directs the woman. Gives instructions on what he needs to be done. The woman executes the man’s decisions.

47. Thus, the role of every woman is purely executive. While the role of the man is policy making. Better understand it.

48. The Bible said, “A wise woman builds her home. But a foolish woman destroys her home.” Foolish in the sense that she finds it difficult to acknowledge and concede superiority.

49. If you cannot concede and acknowledge superiority, it is a sure sign that you are a fool. Your education worth nothing. The essence of educating a woman is to see whether she can be informed and enlightened to the extent where she will begin to recognise her weaknesses. But instead of recognising their weaknesses, they only wear strength. This is a hard statement. I know I will be crucified today.

50. Let Me say few words. “You wives must submit to your husband’s leadership in the same way you submit to the Lord...”

51. In the same way you do what? Submit to the Lord. That is if you are a child of God. But where you are not a child of God, it doesn’t concern you. This matter for which I am speaking on does not concern everybody.

52. Before you can show concern, you must be convinced that what I am saying is the truth. Unless you are convinced, you are not concerned. Take note of it.

53. That is why, in all My messages, I will tell everybody, “Believe if you can.” But where you cannot believe, leave it there! Tomorrow, you will remember you heard this truth.

54. “...For a husband is in charge of his wife...”

55. Who is in charge? The husband! Who is in charge? The husband! Who is in charge? The husband! Women, who is in charge? You see, they answered, “The husband!” I didn’t hear you well. They said, “The husband!”

56. Is your husband in charge of you? Have you allowed the man to have rule over you? They said, “Yes!”

57. This is a very big question! That is why the Bible said, “The man must bear rule over his own family.” Any man that cannot bear rule over his family, something is wrong somewhere.

58. The woman is saying no to the man’s leadership. Even if the man is crippled, even if he is senseless, you are not wiser than God who placed him there. Allow him to manifest his foolishness there anyhow.

59. “...For a husband is in charge of his wife. The same way, Christ is in charge of the body – the Church. He gave his very life to take care of it and be its saviour. So, you wives must willingly obey your husband...”

60. You wives must do what? Willingly obey your husband. Did it say grudgingly? No sir! Grumbling or complaining? No! Willingly from your heart of hearts. How can you say you are obeying your husband at the same time you are complaining, you are murmuring, you are grumbling? You are making a hell of noise. Is it obedience? No sir!

61. I want to say it, induced obedience is no obedience. Partial obedience is no obedience. Forced obedience is no obedience. Conditional obedience is no obedience.

62. We have conditional obedience, because when a woman has seen herself in a tight corner, where nothing is needed but the help of the husband, everything is, “Yes my lord. Yes my lord. Yes, yes, God bless you. God bless you.” Because of condition. I don’t want a situation where fire will bend crayfish.

63. “...So, you wives must willingly obey your husband in everything.”

64. In what? In everything! Did God say minus? No sir! I am sure that at the end of today, somebody will say, “He is reading from his own translation of the Bible.” I am reading from the one you are holding. Better take down the scripture and verify it.

65. You must willingly, My daughter, I hope you are taking note? Obey the leadership: that is your husband in everything. Whether he is right or wrong. No plus, no minus.

66. I know you may have your own interpretations that may be given to you by your own so-called pastors. They cement your unbelief by hardening the hearts of the women against their husbands. Any little thing, your false prophet will tell you that your husband is a wizard. You will believe. He will tell you that so, so and so are pursuing you from your family, you will believe.

67. Before you know it, he will dupe you. You empty your husband’s treasure into his account. Then, he will offer you blessing. He will bless you in Jesus’ name and make a special prayer for you that will make you not to obey your husband again. Then, you carry microphone, carry Bible, he has conferred you with evil spirit, making you an evangelist.

68. Because whenever a woman wants to insult her husband, she will carry Bible and megaphone. She becomes an evangelist overnight! That is when a woman wants to insult her husband. All her preaching will be, “This man is the devil. This man is this, this man is this...”

69. We shall know the truth and the truth will set us free. You must obey your own husband willingly in everything. If you want peace to reign in your family, if you want him to admire your beauty, cherish you, get everything you need from him, this is what God said is the magic or miracle. This is the medicine.

70. Love is the medicine. It requires the love of God in the heart of a woman to say amen to what I am saying.

71. “...So, you wives must willingly obey your husband in everything just as the Church obeys Christ. And you husband, show the same kind of love to your wives.”

72. Have I balanced it? Yes sir! What God is expecting from the wife, He is also expecting from the husband. You husband should reciprocate this type of kind gesture, this kind of willing submission to your leadership. Because love is reciprocal. When the right hand washes the left hand, automatically, the left hand is indirectly washing the right hand.

73. “...And you husband, show the same kind of love to your wives as Christ show to the Church when he died for her to make her holy and clean. Washed by baptizism and God’s word.

74. So that he could give her to himself as a glorious Church without a single spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Being holy and without a single fault. That is how husbands should treat their wives. Loving them as part of themselves...”

75. Husband’s, how you should treat your wives, loving your wife as part of yourself. In other words, any man that hates his wife has already hated himself. When you think you are deliberately punishing your wife, you are deliberately punishing yourself. Am I making sense at all?

76. You see, God wants the home to be balanced. The home must be balanced, filled with the love of God so that you will obtain His blessing. The blessing of God can never reach families in confusion. There must be harmony in every family if they must get anything good from God.

77. “...For since a man and his wife are now one,...”

78. They are now one!

79. “...For since a man and his wife are now one, a man is only doing himself a favour and loving himself when he loves his wives.”

80. Put your hands together! You are doing yourself what? A favour when you show love to your wife. I mean, the first scripture we read speak about favour. But when you are not showing this love to your wife, that favour is not in your home.

81. “...No one hates his own body but lovingly cares for it. just as Christ cares for his body the Church of which we are part. That the husband and wife are one body is proved by the scriptures which says, “A man must leave his father and mother when he marries so that he can be perfectly joined to his wife and the two shall be one.”

82. I know this is hard to understand but it is an illustration of the way we are part of the body of Christ...”

83. Did the scripture say it is very easy to understand? No sir! If you are slow in understanding, it may be very hard to you. If you do not have the spirit of truth, it may be very hard to you. But when you have the spirit of truth, it is as easy as reciting A, B, C.

84. Nobody will now begin to compel you to treat your wife this way or this way. Or treat your husband this way or that way because you have equal revelation of what an ideal family should be according to God’s standard.

85. I now enjoin you to go to the message titled, “The Bridal Standard in Every Family.” The Bridal Standard in Every Family, go to that message and God will use it to bless you. Amen.



The book of Ruth chapter 1 verses 16 through 18. I want to pick something there. I will also enjoin you to read the book of Esther from chapter 1 verse 1 to the end. You will learn a lot that will help you in your marriage.

86. “And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee...”

Do not stop me from following you. Don’t stop me, I have made up my mind that you will be my husband. Don’t stop me.

2. The decision to marry. “...for whither thou goest, I will go;” Wherever you go, I will go. “...and where thou lodgest, I will lodge:...”

3. Wherever you are living, there I will live.

4. “...thy people shall be my people,...”

5. Your people will be my people.

6. “...and thy God my God:”

7. And your God my God.

8. “...Where thou diest, will I die,...”

9. Wherever you die, there also will I die.

10. “...and there will I be buried:”

11. And that place also will I be buried.

12. “...the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me.”

13. May the Lord punish me if not, if there be any other thing that could part two of us if not death. The decision to marry. It is on this premise (proposition, statement) that somebody can go to Imo State to pick a wife, carry her to Ondo. In Ondo, the man’s relation automatically becomes the wife’s relations. His people are her people; their God, her God.

14. Whether he is living in the forest or on the mountain, she will also live with him there. Anywhere the husband dies and he is buried, there she will die, there she will be buried. This is a hard statement.

15. I know that we are renewing our marriages. Hence, the idea of, “I will carry my bag and go away anytime I am provoked;” it is a sure sign that you never married for one day.

16. In other words, you missed the concept of marriage and dabbled into human association. Mere friendship: “If you want us to quarrel, let us quarrel. If you want us to scatter, let us scatter!” You missed the concept from the very onset.

17. If you are married, and from time to time you are threatening your husband, “Provoke me, I will go back to my parents. After all, you know where you picked me. I never came out from the forest. My father is this, my mother is this.” To begin with, you never married. You enter into boyfriend, girlfriend relationship.

18. The moment a woman marries from her heart of hearts, she settles down with her husband. All that the husband cherishes, the woman must cherish. No division.

19. Just like what people used to say, “Whatever God has put together, let no man put asunder.” That is rubbish. I do not believe in that.

20. I have My own interpretation or understanding for God is Supreme. The scripture made it clear that He remains the only One that will open a door, no human being will close. When He closes the door, no human being will open.

21. Now, if God binds a man and the woman, if it is God that binds them together, who is that devil, who is that man that can tear them asunder? It then means that man is greater than God.

22. At times, people because of mere feelings of the flesh give their consent to marriages without conviction that God is the one inspiring their decision.

23. For if God is the one that brought Brother Rotimi and our Sister Onyedika together, and bound them together, I bet you, no atomic bomb, there is nothing in this life nor in the life to come that can put them asunder.

24. However, where God’s hand is not there, but they are merely saying it, they are reading the Bible, truly speaking, anything can put then asunder. Little misunderstanding, little disagreement, you will see them parting because from the beginning, marriage was not contracted according to God’s injunction.

25. That is why, when people come to Me with their marital problems to look into, My first question is this, “Are you sure you were married? Are you sure this your marriage received the consent of your parents, both parties, and received the consent of God?”

26. You begin to hear them, telling Me lengthy stories: How they were in the school, the man gave them a text message, they responded. The man paid them a visit, before you know it, they carried the man home. The parents said no. They went to their relations, they said no. They said they have vowed whether they said no or not, we must marry anyhow. When you marry anyhow, you scatter anyhow.

27. God made it clear that when Isaac wanted to marry, God sent his savant Eleazar with a sign to go to Abraham’s hometown. When they got there, the woman was brought out before the public with a question, “Will you like to go with this man to be your husband? She said yes.”

28. But today, you see a woman will be living with a man, have up to three, four, five children; yet, the consent of the parents were not obtained. Any day they are tired, to avoid putting the children in confusion, they will decide to come to the elders with one jar of palm wine, kolanut, “Please, we need your blessing.”

29. Blessing as what? As friends or as husband and wife? If what makes you a wife is because you have children, mad women are everywhere raising children. You are not a mother because you have children; otherwise, mad women are mothers. Mad men are fathers.

30. We heard it that it is the foundation of a structure that determines the strength of the building and the durability of the building. Note it very well. Don’t joke with it. There is something in the foundation of your marriage. Because any foundation the Lord never laid must be destroyed.

31. I am saying it without mincing words. I do not to testify about the marriage between Brother Rotimi and My daughter. Some might be thinking Brother Rotimi is a stranger to Me. No, he has been My son right from his school at Owenna. Even when he was rusticated, I was the One that sent him back.

32. Thus, it has been a very long meeting. We are very much acquainted with each other. I weighed him from all ramifications and I found him worthy of My confidence. I am not saying it to curry your favour, God forbid.

33. Even from the time his father fell sick, was carried to too many hospitals, I was carried along. The day his father gave up the ghost, the burial, everything, I was carried along. You can now begin to know how old I have been in his family. And how old he has been in My family even when My daughter was still at the primary level.

34. Yes! In this, I pick offence against God and humanity for parents to give the hand of their daughters to a man in marriage whose background they do not know. Anything can be toiled with, not marriage.

35. Don’t toil with marriage, it is a delicate institute. Very, very delicate. Because of marriage, I have now come into a covenant with Ondo people. A covenant of life, not of death. A covenant that will endure from generation to generation. That is what marriage entails. Is it something you can toil with? Or enter anyhow? No sir! God forbid!

36. You can be in haste in taking certain decisions, when it comes to giving out the hand of your daughter in marriage, please exercise some measure of patience. Do not be in haste. Do investigations until you are satisfied with your findings that the man who is about to lead your daughter away from your family to be his wife has all the capability needed to manage the affairs of his family without any external influence.

37. If I should begin to hear tomorrow that mama Rotimi is now deciding the type of wrapper Brother Rotimi’s wife will put on, how she will do this, how he will..., I will know Brother Rotimi is a boy, he is not a man.

38. A man is one that has all that it entails to take his personal decision that will affect him and affect his future without drawing back, that is a man: independent decision!

39. Thus, you can see the decision to marry. Hence, My daughter, as long as marriage is concerned, no place is far. No place is far. Yes, we marry expatriates. Expatriates marry us. We do not marry any other thing but love. Once you are in love, love can take you anywhere. Finish! Amen.


The man is THE “Final Authority” IN THE FAMILY

I want to strike something very pertinent there. Esther chapter 1 verses 19 through 22. Living Bible. “We suggest that subject to your agreement, you issue a royal edit...”

2. This was talking about the King Ahasuerus, who married a stubborn wife that refused to carry out the King’s instruction. And took delight in disgracing her husband the king publicly. Nothing offends a man more than the wife disgracing him publicly.

3. Immediately this woman behaved this way to the king who was in charge almost the whole world, the cabinet members came together and suggested to the king to issue a royal letter, a royal decree that will make it mandatory for all women to honour and reverence their husbands.

4. That if it was not done because of the action of the Kings wife, other women are likely to borrow that bad example.

5. “...“We suggest that subject to your agreement, you issue a royal edit, a law of the Medes and Persians that can never be changed.

6. That Queen Vashti be forever banished from your presence and that you choose another queen more worthy than she. When this decree is published throughout your great Kingdom, husbands everywhere, whatever their rank,...”

7. Husbands everywhere, whatever might be their ranks.

8. “...husbands everywhere, whatever their rank, will receive proper respect from their wives!” The king and his aides thought this made good sense, so he followed Memucan's counsel.

9. He sent letters to all his provinces, in all the local language, proclaiming that every man should be the ruler of his home and should assert his authority.”

10. Every man should rule his home and at the same time, assert his authority. Please, take note of this. It is very, very essential. Do not dislocate it.

11. Every man must bear rule over his own house and assert his authority. That is why in our faith; the name of the man is “Final Authority.” When a man speaks, that is final. A woman makes suggestion, but the man takes decision.

12. Brother Rotimi, bear rule over your own wife, assert your authority! And your home will be peaceful. I am not in doubt as to whether your wife will cooperate or not. No, no, no. That one is too far away from My thinking. It is too far away from My thinking. Of course, you can talk about her upstart.

13. To Onyedika, that which you learnt from Me and your mother, that which you practiced with us, that which you have seen us doing for which cause we have remained cemented in love till today, do it even better. Do even better and the good Lord whom you serve will bless you abundantly.

14. If I should say My own, I will say, I wish women should learn to shade tears instead of opening their mouth talking. Women, stop talking. Begin now to learn how to cry so that the man will use his handkerchief to wipe away your tears.

15. You know, nothing offends the man more than seeing the wife standing up and talking to him. While the man is standing, the wife is also standing. In other words, she is confrontational.

16. I remembered, in those good olden days, if you call a woman to give her drink, especially palm wine by the elders, immediately she comes out, she will kneel down with two hands, she drinks. But today, they will come out and stand bold, use left hand and carry a bottle of bear, use their teeth and open it, piaa! Goo, goo, goo, goo (drink it).

17. Well, I cherished Yoruba people so much. Yes! I have lived with them for too long. And some of their culture, traditions I cherish so much. Especially the area of respect for elders and your different salutations for different conditions. I cherish it so much. If there be anyone that runs contrary, I believe the spirit of God will take care with time.

18. I know you want to serve us. Hear Me very well. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. I am the one that should tell you I am hungry having travelled all the way from Onitsha to this place since yesterday.

19. But as long as you are here, taking delight in hearing the Word of God, I am satisfied. For without the Word of God, I will look at you suspiciously. I will be afraid as to whether you can protect My interest by treating My daughter fairly.

20. Today, I am handing My daughter over to not only mama and few others, but the entire Ondo State. Yes! I have seen many faces I will live to recognise anywhere I come into contact with them. I am good at recognising that.

21. First Timothy 2 verse 15. “So, God sent pain and suffering to women when their children are born. But he will save their souls if they trust in him. Living quiet, good and loving lives.” Living Bible.

22. “Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.” KJV.

23. Please, no matter what you do, esteem the Word of God more than your necessary food. God has assured women, if only they will continue in the faith with humility, loving, cherishing, trusting their own husbands.

24. Whenever a woman is worshipping her husband, she is worshipping her God. The visible God to a married woman remains her husband. We better take note of all these things.

25. There are too many things I would have told you, but due to lack of time. But nevertheless, the marriage has started. And will continue from generation to generation. Many, many other things will bring us together for good and not for evil.

26. In this same way we have gathered to celebrate the wedding, I trust God. We shall gather for ceremony of their naming ceremony of their children. We shall gather to eat and drink and say praise be to God for what He has done.

27. On this note, I invite Apostle Ojiakor back to come and join them with their wedding rings amidst witnesses. Thank you for paying attention. If I hurt your feeling, please, bear with Me in My foolishness.

28. If I know a better way of giving out the message, I would have done that. I gave it out the best way I know it is revealed to Me. I know you come from different Churches with different beliefs. I respect your belief.

29. But if it is contrary to the revealed Word of God, it is an erroneous belief that should be discarded with immediate effect.

30. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the Word of God can never pass away. On this note, I say bye-bye. Amen.

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