The family of a man of God MUST be exemplary

The family of a man of God MUST be exemplary


The Supreme Being, the Supreme Lawgiver, one that controls the whole universe exists; and that is Brother Peter Odoemena (the Son of Man). Believe it if you can… -THE SON OF MAN 1st January, 2009.

Are you in this Church as a servant of the Lord, it is also applicable to Me. The Bible said that we are all children of God by faith in Christ. You may be in this Faith and you say you are not servants of God, the Bible said we are all servants of God, because we are all called to serve in one way or the other. In your yard, you are ministering this Word by your lifestyle. The lives of your children preach a very great sermon in your yard. The lives of your maidservants preach a very great sermon in your yard. That is why you must train them very well. When you train your children very well, your house will be very orderly, and people living around you will respect and honour you, moreover your ministry will not be blamed. However, when they see them misbehaving, making noise everywhere, even at times some will go and disturb strangers in their houses, your ministry will be blamed. Ministers take note. Able ministers of the New Testament, not Old Testament ministers that were only mindful of the people of God and then dedicating their own families to Satan and at the same time trying to bring people to God, they must be wicked ministers. We ought to conduct our families in the fear of the Lord. Do not be over charged with the cares of this life, with dancing and drinking but redeeming the time for the days we are living in are evil, time is no more. –The Son of Man - FOLLOW ME AS I FOLLOW HIM (THE CLOUD) PP. 34 VS 44-47 & VS 49.


Whatever that makes you a human being, employs you to the service of the Lord, in worshipping Him, it is not in vain. The man who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes (King Solomon) concluded the whole matter.

2. That the whole duty of man is to worship, honour and serve God. That’s the whole duty of man. And anybody that misses it, has missed everything.

3. Remember the message has been hammering on one thing; that God is with us while we are with Him. The moment we forsake Him, He must surely forsake us. God is with us while we are with Him. The moment we forsake God, He will surely forsake us because He is mindful of his Word.

4. God is nothing but His Word. In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. In our own day, the Word became a human being and dwells among us. This is scripture.

5. He is the message which we preach. He existed when the world was without form. Thus, in the beginning, the Word, by the Word, the world we are living in was created with everything therein.

6. God has always been in existence in the form of His Word. At the appointed time, God became a human being and has remained a human being till today.

7. When the world was without form, He existed as the Self-Existing One. From the day He created a human being, He revealed Himself, fellowship started, worship started and from that day—God inaugurated worship as an ordinance for all mankind.

8. Worshipping of God was an ordinance, an irrevocable ordinance, an everlasting ordinance; anybody tampering with it is tempering with God’s holy ordinance.

9. First thing with human, you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your might, with everything that is in you, you must worship Him. Him alone must you worship.

10. Lavish your worship and praise to your God that created you, that formed you, brought you into existence, sustained you all round.

11. Too many died and you are still alive, too many are sick, you are healthy; too many are barren but you are having your own children; too many are homeless, you are having a home; too many are jobless, you are having a job, too many have parents but they cannot afford their education, but God has blessed you, giving you parents that can afford your education. Many are brilliant but no one to train them.

12. You have too many reasons. Too many are blind concerning what God is doing in your day, but He opened your eyes of understanding not only to acknowledge but to recognize what He is doing in your day and also grafting you into His own program making youa part of what He is doing.

13. Because it is through your belief in the Word that you are grafted into Christ. Hear Me very well.

14. Nobody is grafted into Christ like you can graft a plant or a tree or anything to a particular specie. By grafting, you can produce two different fruits from a stake. This is true.

15. This is what God is doing. Grafting us in. We are not the original olive tree. The original olive tree is still there. 16. We remain the wild olive tree. It took God pains to cut down this tree, grafted us into Himself through our belief in the preaching of the Gospel of Christ.

17. For that is the only thing that can give you a place in Christ. That was why St. Paul said, “I am not ashamed and I will never be ashamed of proclaiming the good news of Christ for that is God’s power unto salvation to those that believe.”

18. “I am not afraid; I am not ashamed of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ my Lord;” so he said in his own day.

19. That’s why God said, “If you are ashamed of proclaiming My name before the people, I will be ashamed of proclaiming your name before My father who is in heaven.

20. Thus, the power of God unto salvation is in the Gospel we are preaching. That is the only way you can have a place in Christ. Only if you can believe it.

21. Believing doesn’t mean understanding; believing means understanding and saying yes and Amen in your heart and allowing what you have heard to regulate your life; to be your controller, finish!

22. Titus in his book made it clear. Paul, writing to Titus concerning the Gospel, he said, “The Gospel we are preaching is not an ordinary Gospel but the Gospel that changes men’s lives if they believe.” You cannot believe the Gospel of Christ without your life being transformed.

23. The Gospel has power. It is quick, it is powerful to transform your life and make you a better individual for yourself, for the society and for God.

24. But watch all that turned their backs against God, watch their condition. I have told you, no man has ever been impoverished for serving the Lord.

25. No man has ever been impoverished for giving their whole lives to God. It has never happened and it will not start with us.

26. Great men of old traced their greatness to their belief in Christ, to their service to God and to humanity. What is more, there is no way anybody can render acceptable service to his fellow mankind if he has not rendered it to Christ first.

27. For it is Christ in you that will direct you on the type of service you are likely to render, the areas you will be useful to the society.

28. For Christ gives us a place of direction. Without Christ, we have no direction. Watch all that are living their lives without Christ, they live plan-less lives. A life without direction, and they end it in nullity.

29. They die and they fizzle away. They leave nothing behind. They leave hooligans, many stories are being told concerning such people. But we are not such people.

30. It is God’s favour that we are still alive from the first day of January 2014 to the last day of December 2014.

31. A lot of water has passed under the bridge. We are living witnesses. Who can tell the number of people that lost their lives through Boko Haram attack here and there in the Northern States?

32. Who can tell Me the number of people that died along the road, in plane clash, I mean not only in Nigeria but worldwide? Why not you?

33. Are you not plying the same road? Are you not travelling from place to place? The bullets that killed people, didn’t the bullets see you? Amen.


You see, we have good reasons why we must praise God, lavish our worship, lavish our lives. In short, to Me, I will say that I have not even started appreciating God.

2. I have not even started, I have not taken off. We are what we are today not because of our might, not because of our strength, not because of our labour, not because of our senses, no!

3. We are what we are today because that is what God has decided to make us. No more, no less. Assuming we never followed God’s footsteps, we would have been like others. The sea that drowned others would have drowned us as well, because there is no sea greater than this world.

4. The world in the scriptures is regarded as a large sea. Thus, when you see “sea” in the scriptures, God is referring to the world. The world is a sea that has drowned many.

5. Hence, God noted and said, “Love not the world and the things that are in the world”. It doesn’t mean that we will not have all the things that life demands, no!

6. But do not give your whole life attention to purchasing them, making them your god or your gods. Keep them in their rightful places because you are a pilgrim, you are a stranger.

7. Treat them as a tenant treats the flat he hired for rent. He is not the owner, he is not the landlord, he knows that one day he must pack away.

8. If he refuses to pack away, landlord can give him a quit notice. That is why he is called a tenant. We are here on this earth, we are tenants. No matter whatever you are, no matter your position, we are all tenant here on earth.

9. We are living in a world that doesn’t belong to us. We must leave it one day. If we refuse to leave, the world must give us quit notice to leave it. In other Words, we place things where they belong to.

10. First and foremost, place God first. That’s why the message said, “In the beginning God…”

11. Who is the beginning of your life? Who is the beginning of your choice? Who is the beginning of everything you want to do in this life? If God is not number one, you are missing the thing.

12. Because whatever a man places first as his priority automatically that thing is his god. That is why God said, first seek ye the kingdom of God.

13. How can you seek the kingdom of God without first of all knowing who God is? You must know who God is before you begin to go about to look for the kingdom.

14. Before you begin to seek for the kingdom, you must be acquainted with God, you must be appreciating God before you begin to desire to be a member of his kingdom.

15. Seek ye first God and His kingdom. And His kingdom is the kingdom of righteousness. The kingdom of God is the kingdom of righteousness, the kingdom of faithfulness, the kingdom of love, the kingdom of unity, the kingdom of peace.

16. You must know what God is and the kingdom is all about. First seek ye the kingdom of God and its righteousness, every other thing shall be added unto you.

17. When wealth is bestowed on somebody who doesn’t know God, that person will destroy himself with his wealth. 18. Yes, when you are praying to acquire wealth, pray first that you must know who God is and get acquainted with God before wealth will come into your hand.

19. Otherwise, that wealth will destroy you. This is the truth about this life.

20. Watch all the people that acquired wealth without Christ; see how they are ending their lives. See what is befalling them on a daily basis.

21. See the nature of the families they are running. They are running confused families filled with crisis. Because they went for wealth, they didn’t go for God first.

22. If you want to be anything in this life, number one thing is that you must go for God. Go for God until you are acquainted with God personally by practical experience, you will know who He is.

23. You know that He is the God of judgment and equity who judges in fairness, who does not look at your faces, He doesn’t consider anything because who you are. He can never accept bribe.

24. Know Him as God of righteousness, for in these three things He delights Himself in. if you can understand these things, happy are you. Amen.


I welcome you into this last day of the month and the last day of the year 2014 as well. Praising God that we are healthy, lively in Christ and we maintained a good record from the beginning till this last day.

2. My prayer is that God will usher us into the year 2015 with this lively mind and lively spirit, lively vision, with this peaceful composure we have been enjoying in Him all these years.

3. Too many have fallen behind but we are still moving. You know it is a long journey. Many are likely to fall by the wayside. Some have died; some are still falling by the wayside while we are among those that are still matching on. To God be the glory for everything.

4. It is not by our power, not by our might, it is by the grace of God. I will always pray that the grace of God will ever remain sufficient for us. Don’t allow yourself to be sustained by your strength, for your arms of strength will fail you. Your strength must surely fail you.

5. Be sustained by the love of God. The love of God is our strength. Remember when you offend God, God will forsake you.

6. Forsaking God means forsaking His Word. Setting aside the Word of God you have received, you have set God aside. And the moment you set God aside, you must end it in disaster.

7. There is no way you can leave God behind without meeting disaster in the end. This is the truth about life. I am talking to all of you as My children, sharing My own experiences with you, that nobody is behind Me if not God and without God I wouldn’t have been existing till now.

8. I don’t have a friend, I don’t have a father, I don’t have a mother, I don’t have anybody I can even depend on. Only God is My helper, only God is My saviour, only God is My protector.

9. I am sharing My own practical experience, I have gained in Christ. From the time I got acquainted with him in My childhood till today, I have never for one day regretted My acquaintance with Him.

10. Happy, blessed is the young man, the young lady that started worshipping God in infancy, that made God his or her choice in infancy.

11. That’s why God said, seek the Lord, get acquainted with Him in your youth. Use your youthful days, your youthful strength to serve the Lord, so that at old age, you will live your life in peace, you will live your life in comfort, you will have no regret, no sorrow, no pains, you will have a lot to pass unto your children.

12. Serve the Lord in your youth. If you refuse to do that, a day is coming when your knees will no longer support your weight, sickness will now riddle all your body, you will be desiring God but you will not have the strength to serve Him. No strength to kneel down, no strength to stand up. You will regret and begin to tell yourself.

13. “If I had known, I would have made good use of my youth, I would have exploited my youthful strength in the service of the Lord.”

14. Watch all that did it from the Holy Scriptures, employing their youthful strengths in the service of the Lord; they remained historical pillars we are quoting till today.

15. They remain the ancient landmark whose steps we are following today. Thus, you will take your own decision today not tomorrow but before tomorrow. 16. We were challenged on Sunday that we should evaluate our lives, find out those areas we could not perform very well in the previous years. That we should find out why we did not perform well. Call it your own annual appraisal.

17. Appraise yourself, evaluate yourself, find out those things which are still in your armory that have not enabled you to achieve pure success academically, spiritually, physically, domestically and socially. Every aspect of life should be brought into focus.

18. Appraise yourself very well. Be honest in your appraisal. Don’t be a hypocrite because any little hypocrisy you inject in will destroy your course. Don’t inject any falsehood; do not paint a picture of what you are not. Paint your own picture for you know it.

19. This is my real picture as I know it. You know those areas of your weaknesses you have not even addressed. 20. And you know why you have not addressed them fully. The weaknesses remain there because you have not fully accepted the challenge by addressing them.

21. Take your decision today, tomorrow will be brighter. 2015 will be the best year for you because you have corrected the errors before rolling into a new year. Make sure you don’t carry your human weaknesses from 2014 to 2015. It then means you are likened to a student that has references (carry over) in too many courses.

22. A student that has references increases his workload. A student that has many references indirectly increases his workload.

23. And it is very, very shameful that at the end, watch such students, they can hardly graduate when others are graduating. They stay extra years in the school which is very painful.

24. The time they would have been employed in going for the second degree, they will remain marking time in first degree.

25. Thus, let it not be found among you. Procrastination, check it very well. To what extent did you carry out instructions not only from God, but from your seniors? Do you carry out instructions quickly and quietly without murmuring, without complaining?

26. To what extent do you desire the Word of God according to God’s instructions to us? Do you desire the Word of God like a deer desires water?

27. According to the scriptures it says, We should desire the Word of God as a deer desires water. Do we desire the Word of God as an infant, like children desire their mother’s breast milk? 28. Let us desire the breast milk of the Word that will help us to grow spiritually. Do we desire it or do we go about playing worldly music? Dancing Awilo, dancing this and that.

29. Because, every music you play about has a lot to speak about your life. Let us not feign ignorance of these truths. 30. No matter how we cherish them, we must place them where they belong to. You must recognize your core values if you want to succeed in life. 31. You must recognize your core values. When a man loses the vision of his core value, he makes a shipwreck. Recognize your core values, know when to play those nonsenses, know when not to play them.

32. Know what should be saturating your heart. The Bible said we should praise God in our hearts with sweet melody, using spiritual songs.

33. It didn’t say playing Awilo, playing this and that. They are for the people that do not know God. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by their way of life, by their music, by their way of entertainment.

34. We have a way we entertain ourselves. God has shown the way. We have a lot of songs that are inspiring, that can minister life to our souls. But all these useless ones that are good to the hearing, they are not meant for us.

35. If we must ever play any of them, keep them where they belong to. Do not allow them to the point of cramming the wordings. Sometimes you recite the wordings more than the singers of the song, the composers.

36. If you want to be a musician, come out, let us know that you want to be a musician and you give us reason why you want to be a musician.

37. Be very, very careful. It is applicable to films. There are three ways by which we learn every day: Things we see, things we hear and things we read.

38. Be very careful about novels and the books you are reading. No matter how you read novels to improve your English, please know what you are reading for they all contain information. And any information you log on, no more, it registers in your mindset, and the spirit will be haunting you.

39. Be very, very careful. The same way it is with what you have captured with your eyes, it registers in your memory. Your memory will be processing it as the CPU processes information for the computer.

40. Before you know it, your whole life will be charged because of the film you have watched. That’s why I don’t even admire this African Magic Station. I know the type of film I can watch under this African Magic Station.

41. As the name applies, “Magic”, some might be thinking that it is real. It is magic. Please, I am appealing to all of you, do not allow those things that inform your character in the year 2014 to continue to inform your characters if they are devilish, if they have nothing to impact in you than foolish things.

42. Because if you watch those people that take delight in acting those films, most of them are school dropouts, some of them might be graduates but they were cultist in the school.

43. That is why a good number of ladies there can hardly marry and retain marriage. They marry more than hundred times. Sometimes they hate marriage. The men are marrying more than hundred times.

44. Hence, they come there to display how they marry and divorce, how they keep women here and there, have children and this and that. Is there anything good to learn there? Nothing!

45. Some are violent films and God has condemned all. He said we should not indulge ourselves in violent occupation. I don’t care whether you call it Police; you call it Army, Civil defence, provided it is a violence occupation, say no to it.

46. Be indebted to God on only one thing. Owe no man anything but love. However, once you are indebted to shedding blood, you are indebted to blood, you carry gun to shed innocent blood, whether they are guilty or not, God never commanded you to judge and kill them.

47. There is a time appointed for them. Leave them; they have the right of existence. That is why condemned criminals are not killed immediately. They are left there for nobody wants to be guilty of signing their death warrant. Governors will allow them to pile up, let them be dying one by one in the prison yard.

48. No Governor wants to sign or endorse the paper containing human life to be executed. Only hardened ones who were once criminals also endorse those things, the rest will be found among those who served in the army or police retired and then entered into politics, became governors or one thing or the other. Because they have been bloody, so, endorsing such thing means nothing to them. Please be very, very careful.

49. This life we are living is a stage, it is a film, it has swallowed many. Many are still swimming and they are alive while some are about to be drowned. Please pay attention to what I am saying, tomorrow is going to be another new year, which you don’t know what it will bring about.

50. But let us prepare ourselves ahead of time, prepare our minds that whatever that comes next year, that God has fully equipped us with all the knowledge we need, with all the wisdom we need, I mean, to enter into it courageously with lively expectation, that the sea that drowned others will not drown us.

51. We will swim across it. Swim to safety. Not only swim the stream but swim to safety. Some will swim and get drowned. Don’t only drive on the highway, drive to safety, drive to secure life. Get to your destination.

52. Don’t just be over speeding and then end it in disaster on the way; it is better you begin to apply “slow and steady.” Slow and steady they say, win the race. Slow and steady, it wins the race.

53. Don’t join people for joining sake. Do not allow heathens’ character to influence you. They influenced you last year. Please, I am talking sense, I am not kidding, I am not drunk.

54. If there be any way you discover you were influenced by the life of your friends who are heathens, anybody who is not a full member of the bridal faith, I don’t care the type of Church he attends; I don’t care how godly the parents might be, that person is a heathen.

55. God doesn’t have two Churches. God doesn’t have two brands; God doesn’t have two saviours at a time. As long as the person is not in the Saviour’s ministry, that person is lost.

56. In the days of Jesus Christ, if anybody was not found among the flock, that person was a heathen. It has always been like that. If you are not numbered among God’s children, you are a heathen.

57. You might be in this Faith and your character is marking you out of the kingdom of God. Please, rethink, I say please rethink. Amen.


Cast your minds back immediately and do a self-appraisal today, tomorrow will be better for you.

2. We have to be thankful to God who has sustained us all round, helping us to maintain a clean record from January 1 till December 31st. and My prayer is that this clean record will follow us into 2015.

3. Clean in the sense that we are still matching on in the faith, not that we faired very well. We didn’t fair very well. We didn’t fair very well but God accommodated us trusting that we shall improve and I hope, with the words you have heard, after doing a godly appraisal of yourselves, you will come out with a decision.

4. Decision is the power of life. A human being that doesn’t have a strong decision is a human being without a strong principle. You must establish your own principle of life which no human being can influence today. And it must be established upon the Word of God which you received.

5. Otherwise, it is a devilish principle. Any principle a man establishes for himself which is outside the established Word of God is a devilish principle. You must have a principle that is backed up by the Word of God, a principle that is backed up by your faith, so that you can have a limit you can go with any human being.

6. You can have a limit you can interact with any human being. When you get to that point, you say, “Man this is the extent I can go with you. This is the extent my faith permits me.

7. Concerning what you are talking, I don’t know about it, it is against my principle, it is against my faith, and I wouldn’t like to run anything, a programme that will be contrary to my principle which God has already engraved in my heart. I wouldn’t like to destroy my future, destroy myself using my own hand, I will not do that.”

8. Like I told you that the desire of your parents concerning you is that you will be great. You are the one that will get your parents convinced, get them convinced by becoming great.

9. Even if nobody is wishing you greatness, wish yourself greatness, walk towards it, you must surely attain it.

10. How do you walk towards it? Believe this Word you are hearing, get acquainted with God, tie yourself to the Word of God, enforce all to your life. Your obedience to the Word of God restricts your movement, your obedience to the Word of God restraints your heart from thinking evil, fomenting evil, restraining too many bad friends from you.

11. But where you are porous, where you live a porous life, your parents may notice it immediately and capitalize on it. That was why I upbraided Wisdom the other day. Immediately he stepped in here, he became a liar of all liars, joining hands with his brother trying to pass the bulk to his friends and the friend denied before Me.

12. He was invited by his friends to one eating center along housing estate. His friends he had at Rock Foundation Secondary school, and I was asking why they didn’t go to the friend’s house to do their party and this and that, he said no that they invited him there.

13. I said, “Okay, thank you very much and you honoured such invitation? It is not a hotel, an eating center. You never knew you could be kidnapped by them, you never know that you could be killed there, you never knew their mission.”

14. He said that they were friends and they wanted to see themselves, some of them were in the university. I said, “You are stupid! Why didn’t you allow them to come to your father’s house?”

15. He said that he wanted them to come here, but they said they won’t come: “You know your father is a man of God and he is very strict.”

16. I said, “So, your friends told you that your father is a man of God and it is true. Your friends know Me, then, are you not a pastor? Are you not a pastor at student’s fellowship at Umudike? Why have they not known you as a pastor that is as strict as your father?”

17. A wise son follows the footstep of his father if the father is a wise, understanding and intelligent fellow. For what made his father great will also make him great.

18. That’s why the greatest gift, the greatest treasure every man of God has left for the children has always been, espousing them to God. This is the greatest favour any parents that love the children can give them.

19. It is not bringing them out, it is not buying them jeep, it is not doing this and that, it is making sure you espouse your family to Christ and to Christ alone. Create the fear of God in their hearts, let the Lord be their fear so that wherever they are, they will know that the all-seeing eyes of God are there.

20. Their father might not be there, their mother might not be there, nobody may know you, but God is there, monitoring you. When you have that consciousness, it checks too many things in your life. It helps you to regulate your movement, it helps you to regulate your life, it helps you to regulate your activities.

21. Watch, tell Me the students that make the poorest result, I will tell you that they are itinerants. I call them wayfarers in the campuses. They rove and roam the streets in the campus, parents believe they are doing something there but they are idling away their time.

22. Your belief in Christ will discipline you. Once you are disciplined, you know how to possess your vessel in honour. You will no longer be gratifying your flesh by attending one party or the other no, no, no, these things will no longer attract your attention.

23. This will be a standard in your heart God will lift up by His Word which will be hating all these things, for without hating them, you can never avoid any evil habit you delight in years back. 24. Before you can hate anything or avoid anything, you must first of all hate that thing in your heart. Hate every appearances of that thing, hate even discussions that are associated with that thing.

25. Definitely, you have set yourself free. That is why I said you should hate evil association, hate evil company, hate evil discussion and then set yourself free.

26. Because every man is in bondage in the hands of the devil. Until you discover the area the devil is holding you in bondage, you will never struggle for freedom. Freedom is a struggle. Even natural freedom has always been a struggle.

27. Sometimes, it can be a fight, sometimes it can be a war. There is a great influence between a fight and a war. I can declare a fight with Brother Rotimi, once we begin to fight, your wife can be a mediator.

28. Hence, she will separate us and bring us to a round table, we will reconcile. We declared a fight. But once war is declared, it does not stop until the opponent is either crushed or defeated. No mediation takes place.

29. Thus, know the influence between declaring a fight and declaring a war. The Bible didn’t say you declare a fight against the devil, it said, declare a war.

30. Declare a war, a strong war against that evil habit, against that evil thought, against the evil association. Declare what? War. 31. I don’t care; I mean the nature the thing assumes. By the power of God, by the will of God, you will succeed, surely you are going to succeed. In success, nobody succeeds until the will-power is there.

32. Look at the Bridal Lodge; it takes a man with a strong will to accomplish this. Even if I give you one example, command you to build this house, without that willpower, it is not easy to labour day and night and to control workers, cause them to work according to your directive, obey you both heathens and the brothers, it is not easy. 33. Some came to cheat, some came to steal, some came to frustrate and you are working with all manners of people. Some are reluctant, some are far yet, you coordinate everything.

34. That is why the greatest factor of production remains the entrepreneurship. Take him away, there is nothing functioning again. It is on your entrepreneurship on the basis of coactivity that your leave is cutoff.

35. And your boss told you that if you fail to report to work on the 5th, that definitely there shall be trouble in the company. And the company must have a serious problem.

36. You see, but the machineries are there, the equipment, everything is there, but you are not there, your absence is going to cause a serious problem. For you are the one they are looking up to come and harness all these things, put them together to give them exactly the essence of coming to Nigeria; which is to make money out of their industry. The same way it is in every aspect of human life.

37. When you are studying in your schools and colleges, in your universities, bring your course nearer yourself. Bring your course, the content of your course; there is no course without content. Bring the content of your course nearer to yourself and visualize yourself as the entrepreneurship. You are the very entrepreneurship, no other person.

38. Everything you are reading in that course is referring to you, because you are acquiring a knowledge you are going to use to become a man, and then pass it unto others. Not necessarily to pass examination. Get it engraved in you. Let it become a part of you.

39. Because, whatever you are learning is subject to practical test. The world will test you, your employer will test you, you will also test yourself. My in-law tested himself by producing the first fire fighting machine in Nigeria.

40. On that day, I was there at Nsukka. The Honorable minister of industry (Magoro) was there, the Military Governor of the State was there. When the thing was tested and it jumped all the trees.

41. The pressure of the pomp pushed water across all the palm tree. The owner came out and said, I have seen it. Thus,

42. hey called Engineer Okeke to come and make comment, he said, “I have no comment, I only want to say, my instructor never deceived me.”

43. Who is your instructor? Is it not the Almighty God? If the human instructor never deceived his student, you see, how can God deceive us? We are being instructed daily by God. His instruction is perfect.

44. You have to personalize the instruction and then one day you check yourself. When you go to those areas that you feel will be attractive to you and those things that normally hook you up and down. 45. Yet, nothing happens to you, you will know that you have overcome that spirit. That is the only way you can get yourself. It is worthwhile. Amen.


Let us give thanks to God using this Bible. I want to read Psalms 47 with you.

2. We rejoice because God has ushered us into the last day of the year lively.

3. Psalm 47. “O clap your hands…”

4. O do what! Clap your hands. So, clapping hands is scriptural. Thus, when we say let us hands unto the Lord, clap your hand unto the Lord. Yes, the Lord deserves our clapping of hands.

5. “O clap your hands, all ye people; shout to God with the voice of triumph and songs of joy.

6. For the Lord most high excites terror, awe and dread; He is a great king over all the earth. He subdued people under us and nations under our feet. He chose our inheritance for us, the glory and pride of Jacob whom He loves. Selah[Pause and calmly think of that]!

7. Pause and calmly think of that: How the Lord subdued all our enemies, brought all of them under our footstools, gave us absolute victory over all trials and temptations throughout this year up till this very day.

8. “…God has ascended amid shouting,the Lord with the sound of trumpet. Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises! For God is the king of all the earth; sing praises with a skillful psalm and with understanding.

9. God reigns over all nations; God sits upon His holy throne. The princes and nobles of the peoples are gathered together, a [united] people for the God of Abraham, for the shields of the earth belong to God; He is highly exalted.” 10. He is the king above all the earth; He is the Lord above all the earth, kabiyoosikabiyoosi. Brother Rotimi, what is the meaning of Kabies? It means, “There is nobody (king) like you.” Finish.

11. Thus, when you are singing, know what you are singing. It is scriptural. He is the king above all the earth, He is the Lord above all the lords, kabiyoosi, kabiyoosi. PRAYER O ur Heavenly Father, we thank you this day for ushering us into the last day of the last month of the year 2014; full of life, full of vigor, full of expectation.

12. To your Name belongeth the victory, the glory, the honour, the praise, thanksgiving now even till eternity; through Christ our Lord we pray.

13. Father, we have heard thy Word this morning and we are very much glad We praise you oh God because of who you are, we worship you because you are the Almighty.

14. We give you the whole praises because of all you have been doing, all you have done, all you will be doing oh God as we journey along.

15. We are believing that you that started the good work in us, you will never relent one bit, you will continue the work you have initiated in our lives, you will bring it to completion, so that at the end, you alone will take the glory thereof.

16. We know you for one thing. You have never started a work and stopped midway.

17. As we put our trust and confidence in you thou great Jehovah, may you never for one day permit us to be disappointed! May you never permit us to be put to shame, may you never allow the heathen to glory over us; rather may we be victorious over them.

18. May we rule them oh God. Father, place us on high according to thy promise. That you will make us the head and not the tail. Father, so, you have done, so we pray that you continue to keep.

19. Do not allow, Oh God the wishes of your enemies to ever come to pass! Rather, may your wishes concerning us be the only thing that will come to us at all times. Frustrate the ambitions of the wicked, nullify all and exalt your message oh God this coming year 2015.

20. We are sure and certain that by your enabling power and graciousness, you will usher us into the year 2015. And the same way you never forsook us but preserved our lives this passing year, you will keep on preserving us.

21. Bless us the more, even in the midst of trouble oh Lord, you will give us peace. In the midst of hardship, you will prosper us. Father, we really thank you and appreciate you.

22. Today is another memorable day here, our son in-law will be coming back from Port Harcourt today, God, we hand his life over to your care; be there for him, cover him with Thy glory, cover the vehicle with thy glory. May his journey be crisis free, may his journey be accident free. Be his companion in that vehicle.

23. Bring him here safely so that he will rejoice with us oh God. Father, the same way we are thanking you on behalf of our in-laws that promised to be here today by our invitation.

24. We invited them to come and know where we are now living. Father divine, we pray that you bring them here safely. Search their heart one by one, search the hearts of their children, search the wives, search every one of them oh God in your own way.

25. Peradventure, there is one that has wicked and malicious heart, wicked and malicious intention, father, cripple that person even this morning. Place the person in the sick bed; make it impossible for the person to be a part of this visit.

26. May all that will participate in this particular invitation be all that you want to participate, all that have clear intentions, clear motives, godly intentions towards us in this family.

27. Father, as many as you guarantee to be here, may they be joyful and share testimonies with us, and go home to meet their children alive. Father, we really thank you.

28. Make today a wonderful day here, a wonderful day in every family that is called by your name.

29. Visit their children everywhere, put your mighty hands of blessings upon them and keep them alive until we enter next year so that whatever you have in store for us would be unfolded through the preaching of the Gospel of peace.

30. Father, may we enjoy peace that passeth all human understanding in this family, in our individual lives, in every family that is called by your name. 31. Lord, we really thank you today; we will continue to thank you till eternity. Only eternity will be enough to sing your praise.

32. Father, we thank you because of what you have done already. Concerning your praises, I will keep on clapping hands; we will keep on singing your praise. Keep on sustaining us.

33. In any way Oh Lord we have come short of Thy glory, Father, forgive. Do not bring anything to the charge against your elect. And may you never permit the enemy to accuse us before your presence.

34. Even if he has done that already, reject it the same way you rejected all the barrages of accusation which he brought before thee against Joshua the High Priest in the days of old. You rejected all; you could not accept even one.

35. You gave your reason that you have already purposed to bless Joshua and his people for they represent shadows of good things to come, and we are the good things that have appeared oh God in this generation according to Thy Word, according Thy plan of time Oh God.

36. Therefore Lord, may you never accept any accusation the devil will table before you against any of Thy elect. You said, if you are with us, who is that person that will be against us?

37. Who can be against God’s elect? Definitely nobody, Oh Lord. Having set us free, because we have believed in Christ, may we remain free even till eternity! Save us to the utmost because of Your Name.

38. Save us because of our belief in you. Great is your name, Your name ought to be worshipped. We thank you Lord, through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

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