Preached on 6th September, 2015 At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD ONITSHA By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “the resurrected body” “Truth has no substitute” © BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE


You are all welcome to His Presence this day for His Name sake. How many really prayed before coming here today? Not prayer of confession but that God should meet you at the point of your need.

  1. Do not be a hypocrite; I want to see your hands up. Do not raise because others are raising. Thank you!

  2. There is something that attracts you to His Presence. If I see you writing, I will deal with you mercilessly! You have written enough, but you have believed a little. If at all you have believed. You have shouted enough, you have echoed “amen’’ enough.

  3. This is the condemnation that truth has been revealed to you but you prefer to walk in error to accepting the truth. This is the condemnation that light came to you, but you prefer to walk in darkness, walk anyhow.

  4. While I am here, I am the Light of this world. I am the Living Manna that came down from above. I am the Light of the world for this age and the Living Manna that came down from above. Your unbelief can never alter it. It can never make the statement of non-effect. Rather, your unbelief will even confirm more that you are hypocrites claiming to believe something you do not believe.

  5. I know from the onset that it is a tough thing to save a human being. Reason being that a human being does not know what he is being saved from. For in his own erroneous conclusion, he has believed strongly that man die go, woman will born another.

  6. He believes in enjoying this world in his own way, whatever he sees beyond this world, he will take it anyhow.

  7. While another category is of the opinion that whatever that lies ahead is there for the generality of the people, So his own cannot be an exception. Whatever might be the fate of others that he would bear with them. So, no panic. Well, I reserve My comments there.

  8. The reason we shout and leap for joy, making your experiences with the Deity always your testimonies that the Deity is in your midst, is because you are believing the reports of the heathen and rejecting the reports of the Deity.

  9. In other words, you are learning from the devil. Satan is now helping you more than your Creator.

  10. Many seem to believe the reports of the heathens concerning their experiences in Christ more than the reports coming from the lips of Christ Himself.

  11. Let Me tell you, it signals condemnation to you. It was for this reason I gave you a message titled, “Unto you God first appeared.” A message of condemnation that condemn all.

  12. I know that everywhere has been set agog since last week because a psychic scientist made his experience public and few of you happened to be there. You started jumping for joy and it has become the talk of the day in the Bride. So, you just conclude that I am HE because the psychic scientist saw the calendar and enquired about Him. Because he narrated his own experience with his group about the personality.

  13. So, it requires psychic scientist to tell you that this is the very Christ. That of all that were sent, that the rest messed up. That this is the only one standing … that He is the Christ of this generation, whether people will like it or not.

  14. But his problem is: “All that are milling around Him do not believe Him.” Then, he shared his experience with those that are paying attention to him. The man we knew not, a man that breezed in to do his business.

  15. His eyes went to the calendar, he asked, “So, this man is here? I know Him. I know Him and this is how we meet. You do not know Him, but I know Him. Who do you think he is for which cause you hung this thing there? For He is hidden. He doesn’t make noise.

  16. “No man can know this man unless He wants that person to know Him. For He is the meekest person, the most humble human being on earth. Hidden away from everybody. You do not know Him. This is the very Christ.”

  17. The man continued: “What is your relationship with Him that brought about this calendar in this office?”

  18. They stood there, they were astonished. At the end of the work, the man went away leaving them confused. But he had already passed judgement against them by repeating the word I have been hammering on for almost three weeks now that, “99.5 percent of all that are milling around Me do not believe Me.”

  19. How can you be saved by somebody you do not believe in, confiding, relying, depending in him?

  20. Because of the development around you, before I will conclude My judgement against the Bridal Faith, I want to touch on something. And I am being led of all to lay hand on this.

  21. Let Me see whether there will be somebody that will be saved from among you. Young and old, there is no exception. Because you do not believe, how can your children believe? It is what you have that you will pass unto your children.

  22. For this reason, I want to bring to this pulpit, a good reader who will give Me exactly what I want. Brother David Mbah, good a thing you are here. Come forward immediately. You are not coming to read because you are exempted from the crime, you are also as guilty as others. Of course, you know your records.

  23. If you are more intelligent, if you have decerning spirit, you must have noticed that for sometimes now, the Son of Man is avoiding all of you, No exemption.

  24. He presents Himself to you because He knows you have no other place to go to, not that you believe Him. Let us pay attention as I revisit this background message.

  25. This is what is lacking in all of you. And without it, you are wasting your time.

  26. Faith, preached on 12th March, 1993. At the Household of God Onitsha, by Apostle Peter Odoemena, the Son of Man. The Supreme Intelligence.

  27. I want this message to permeate into the fabrics of everybody. When was this message handled? On the 12th March, 1993. As many as were with Me from the very official beginning, will bear witness to this truth: the summary was, Mixed Multitude Part 1, Part 2, Part 3; Jerusalem to Jericho; then Faith.

  28. And there was not even one that was not confirmed with the Supernatural Sign. The wind that confirmed this message kept us in the fellowship for many hours. There was no rain, there was no shine, there was no cloudy atmosphere. And we were told about it before the message opened. The dust could not allow anybody to see. Vision was blocked.

  29. As many as have survived till today who were there that time, am I bearing false witness? (No sir). Even, all that came from Abagana, found it difficult to leave the premises. All of us that came from Onitsha could not step out.

  30. Remember, it was the opening of the message titled, “Mixed Multitude”, that we heard the first audible voice. We heard speaking in tongues, we heard the interpretation, we heard prophecies that sustained us till today. Not even one ever disappointed us.

  31. And He said, “All I am going to say, all you will meet in this pilgrim journey are summarized in this three packages: Mixed Multitude, Jerusalem to Jericho and Faith. For Faith is the last message that will take you to rapture. Without it, there is no translation for anybody. Inside it, you will see what is called peace.

  32. I read quotes, Prophet William Branham said, “The last message that will be on earth before the catching away of the saint is the message of grace. Faith and grace are one.” He went further to say, “Any time it shall be revealed, the works of law shall cease. Grace will take over.”

  33. What is more, Isaiah the prophet saw it: a time when God will begin to justify people not by works but by faith – by grace. And he wondered who would live on earth to be the possible beneficiaries.

  34. The voice said, “It is not unto you, it is your people that are yet to come. It is not for you.”

  35. They enquired about the manner of people that will be here, to be beneficiaries of the grace which you have already abused. You have grossly abused it. And you are suffering it, you will suffer it more here.

  36. You will suffer it here, you will suffer it hereafter. That is the time you will say, “If I had known.” If I had known.

  37. I was prying into the message handled by our former Bishop Okechukwu Nwankpa. I have it here. I will challenge all of you to go and read it and finish it.

  38. If you do not have your personal testimony, know that I never proceeded from Him. He declared the beginning and ending of his ministry. That was at the beginning, a good number of you are not here. He warned everybody seriously.

  39. Unfortunately, he became the victim of his warning . He vowed against Himself and he broke his vow. He placed curses even upon himself. Amen.


Faith, preached 12th March, 1993 at Amazu Oil.“”.

  1. The original baton. This is the original baton. Ancient men and women, is this not the original baton? Is this not the problem we are having? Our inability to hold to this original baton.

  2. “…Without faith, it is impossible for a man to please God.”

  3. Without what? Without faith, it is impossible for a man to please God.

  4. “…From here now, we are going to erect a very fine house, a spiritual house which I am one of them and you are one of them…”

  5. All of you here, why not try to find out the historical evidences in the scriptures where the Lord Jesus Christ upbraided his followers for lack of faith.

  6. While he was upbraiding them hence, he slammed such an injunction: “Peter, the devil wanted to destroy you, but I prayed for you that your faith fail not. Peter, anytime you are converted, strengthen your brethren.”

  7. Why must Jesus Christ pray for Peter so that his faith will not fail? In spite of that prayer, didn’t his faith in Christ fail? Why are they not able to do the works of the master?

  8. Their inability to do the works of the master was an eloquent testimony that they had no faith in whatever their master taught them. Even common healing of sicknesses, from time to time, they will carry such cases to the master only for the master to accuse them of lack of faith.

  9. The master was walking on top of the sea, all of them saw him enquired of the one that was walking on top of the water. Peter said “If you are the one, Lord bid me to come where you are.”

  10. He said, “Okay, come.” Peter jumped out. Watch, as long as Peter focused his attention on him, as long as Peter anchored his faith on that word ‘come’, Peter walked on the sea.

  11. Read that scripture, the scripture said, “Immediately Peter looked away from Him, Peter started sinking.”

  12. Immediately he looked away from the master, there was no other thing left before his eyes than his reasoning about the river, the possibility, the magic that could happen that a man could be walking on the sea. He started reasoning, then he saw it was a river and not tarred road.

  13. But as long as he anchored his faith, fixed his eyes on the master, he never recognized the sea. The sea became a platform. When the master reached out his hand for his rescue, he made a statement, “O ye men of little faith”.

  14. At another point, he told them “Let us cross to Bethany.” He deliberately slept in the boat. None of them was a captain of that boat. They paid fare to the captain of the boat to ferry them across. He was the one in charge. He deliberately dozed off. Immediately he did it, the tempest came. Water started surging into the boat uncontrollably. The tempest rose.

  15. Peter was the one that screamed alongside others waking him up. “Master, careth thou not that we perish?” In other words, not even one had that faith, “Since he is sleeping, let us sleep with him. If he wants to perish, we perish with him.”

  16. They woke him up; they thought he never knew what he was doing. He was testing them to know the level of their faith, the level of their obedience. He turned to them and say, “Why are you panicking oh ye men of little faith.”

  17. A time came when they approached him and said, “Master, increase our faith.” He did not listen to them. He rather made a statement, “If you have faith just like the size of a mustard seed.” It is not a big thing. There is no mother that uses spices who cannot testify that a mustard seed is the tiniest seed visible with human eyes.

  18. Begin to see the size of faith God is expecting from you. Look at the size. It is like telling somebody if you can have at least, 00.1 percent, you will get admission. Not zero point one, zero, zero point one. I mean, show little sign.

  19. Remember that there was no other reason, why God destroyed His people from the time of old till today if not for unbelief. Although the work was finished even before the foundation of the world.

  20. They that were bid to come came but they were merely making pretences. There was not even one that came wholeheartedly.

  21. Go back to the message titled, “Is your heart converted?” You have repented, there is no problem there. You have come out of the denomination because you have repented. No problem there. But, has your heart been converted? Repent and be converted that your sin maybe blotted out. Then, there is going to be a time of refreshening wind of Holy Spirit from the presence of God refreshing your heart.

  22. It was by faith, the spoken word caused the fig tree to wither and die. What is more, Peter was the one that noticed that the tree the master spoke to had died because it could not produce fruit.

  23. He wanted to know the secret. The master told him, “The secret is, “You must have faith in God. If you have faith, you will do greater things than this. But remember, without faith, it is impossible to please God.” Why is it that not even one please God?

  24. In the New Testament, tell Me, apart from Zachariah and Elizabeth, there is no record of anybody that pleased God in the Gentiles. Others were having the feelings that God decided to make them perfect in His own eyes without a single fault. Keep on believing that rubbish.

  25. You must know why God decided to do it, if at all He did it. If He did it, why are they waiting for Me? Why are they still searching for Him? If God did it, which God? Why are they there groaning and travailing in pain? Maybe you did not know that He did not even punish those that sinned in time past, they were all kept there waiting for Me.

  26. Let Me tell you, without My appearance, no flesh will be declared perfect. If you know that person, mention that name from your histories, from your archeological parchment.

  27. Abraham was a friend of God, but what perfected him? FAITH! It was his implicit, unshakable faith in Christ that made him to sacrifice Isaac without considering anything. Not even what the wife would say moved him. Abraham, a friend of God, whose children you are if you have that same implicit faith in God.

  28. If Abraham had obtained the promise God gave to him by works, that is where you would have been aiming at. If you get your salvation by works, your salvation is different from that of Abraham. Abraham obtained it by faith; whose children you are if you develop that same faith.

  29. Sarah was obedient to the voice of Abraham to the core; whose daughters you are if you imbibe and develop that implicit obedience to the words of your husband like Sarah. That is if your husband is a child of God. One that feareth and honoureth the Lord and escheweth evil.

  30. After today, if you hear Me speaking on this matter again or accuse you of unbelief again or lack of faith the Bride Worldwide, know that I never proceeded from the Deity. Know that the Deity is not in Me.

  31. “What is the foundation?” Faith! Without Faith, it is impossible for anybody to please God.”

  32. 12th March, 1993. If you happened to be here that time man and woman, even infants that accompanied us; they were minors, today, they are grown-ups. If you are here, show by raising your hands. 1993, 12th March.

  33. You were not there! Are you sure you heard Me? You were not there! 1993! Your husband was not there. By 1993, you were in Zoë Ministry doing deliverance with your husband. Thank you!

  34. Who and who raised their hands? 1993, some of you were infants as at that time. We were carrying you about. You can see the few hands that survived, that are here this moment. There might be others somewhere else. Amen.

FAITH, THE only unavoidable ingredient of pleasing God

What is the foundation? Faith! Without Faith, it is impossible for a man to please God. Anything that is not done by faith is sin. You see the foundation we are laying?”

  1. Are we talking about your personal faith or the Faith of Christ? The Faith of Christ. Which one are we discussing? The Faith of Christ! The Faith of Christ.

  2. If it is not your faith, you are not a child of God. The faith of Christ is the faith of Abraham. For we are Abraham’s descendants. If you belong to Christ, you are Abraham’s descendants and heirS according to the promise.

  3. “…From here now, we are going to erect a very fine house, a spiritual house…”

  4. We are going to do what? Erect a fine house, a spiritual house. That will take Me to another ancient message titled, “Building the True Temple.” It contains many prophecies.

  5. We are all built together as a spiritual house, a spiritual habitation. And without faith, we are merely building a physical house. We are not building a physical house, it is a spiritual house. For the Spirit of God can never tabernacle in a house made with hands. He lives in a body that He prepared for Himself.

  6. “…And on the morrow, when they were come out from Bethany, he was hungry. And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find anything thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet come…” He found nothing but leaves. The leaves were blossoming but no fruits.

  7. The master was coming to the fig tree expecting to pluck the fruit thereof. By getting there, he got disappointed. That the tree was very notable to looked at, the leaves blossoming but no single fruit.

  8. ‘Faith is anchored in the word…” Faith is anchored in the word. “…Faith touches Christ…” Faith touches Christ! “…Faith is an unseen force…”

  9. An unseen force! That is why faith sends you into action.

  10. “…Faith worketh by love…” Faith worketh by L.O.V.E. “Faith is our mother that backed us to God…”

  11. What? Faith is our mother that backed us to God.

  12. “…Faith is ridiculous to the unbeliever…”

  13. Faith is what? Ridiculous to the unbeliever. William Branham is a prophet by revelation. This was revealed to him by God’s attribute of faith.

  14. “…Faith is what we are saved by…” Faith is what we are saved by. “Faith is restored by the seventh angel…”

  15. Faith is restored by who? The seventh angel messenger. That is William Branham. For without him, faith vanished everywhere. Faith was what was lacking everywhere.

  16. No matter how Martin Luther preached Justification by Faith, nobody understood him let alone understanding Justification. That was why, after him, they denominated and became Lutherans.

  17. They removed their eyes from Him. They looked away. While they were looking at Him, there was faith, there was justification. Immediately they looked away, they denominated.

  18. “…Faith is the key that unlocks the door…” Faith is the key that unlocks the door. Faith!

  19. “…Faith will move us into the rapture…” Faith will move us into the immortal body. ‘Faith is the only thing that can hold God’s word…” The only thing that can hold God’s word, Faith! “Faith brings Christ on the scene…”

  20. Faith brings Christ on the scene. What? Faith brings Christ on the scene.

  21. “…Faith cannot be present until law come first…” Amen! “…Faith is the only thing God recognize…”

  22. Faith is the only thing God will recognize. Tell Me if there be other thing that will be more essential than faith. You do not purchase it with money. You do not struggle to get it.

  23. Pause a little and begin to see why Christ was very really uncomfortable with people milling around Him. Not even one ever believed him by faith. Except the Roman centurion.

  24. A heathen believed Christ more than the people to whom Christ was sent. A heathen so much believed that he could declare that he was unworthy for Christ to come into his house. And believe so much in Him if he could speak only but a word from that stand point, that, that word would travel, finds its way into his house and administer healing to his dying servant.

  25. And because of his faith which he exercised, Christ made a humble statement, “Never have I come across a man like this, not even among my people the Jews exercising this type of faith in God.” Hence, we labeled him, “The incomparable man.” Incomparable believer, yet, you call him a Roman, a pagan. You call him a Gentile.

  26. That is why the Bible said, “If a Roman, a Gentile can meet the standard of God, God’s requirements, he will be made acceptable to God as a result of his faith. While a Jew who paid lips service, but only claims salvation by heritage, in the end time will be disappointed.”

  27. Many of you in this most holy Faith are only claiming to have salvation as heritage: “I am AN elect of God.” Who told you? When were you elected? Who elected you? What is the assurance that you have? Some are only having what I will call, historical assurance, Theoretical assurance without having a practical assurance.

  28. You must be sure and certain, you must have a practical, and personal experience wherein you can stand and then tell yourself that you are saved by election of grace.

  29. Not every preaching you hear, you claim it. Whatever you hear, you claim it and jump up. But there is no practical evidence in your life as your encounter with God for one day. If God will save you that way, there is no need punishing anybody.

  30. There is no need gathering here. We are preaching in vain then because everything has been decided aforetime by destiny. What is the essence of preaching? You go home and have your rest. In the end you will be saved.

  31. “…Faith waters the seed in your heart…”

  32. Faith waters in the seed in your heart. What is the seed? The word is the seed. Remember the parable of the sower. Faith is the water that waters it to grow through the preaching of the word of God. You grow in wisdom for the word of God impact wisdom into the recipient.

  33. “…Faith has no substitute.”

  34. Faith has no substitute because it is based on truth.

  35. “You see what faith is all about as revealed to the Prophet? We will see whether the Prophet contradicted the scriptures…”

  36. Note the foundation of the spiritual house the master builder started erecting from 1993 – the Original Baton.

  37. The only necessary, unavoidable ingredient of pleasing God is faith. And having traced everything that is happening, the whole thing boils down to unbelief. What is unbelief? Lack of faith in whom God has sent.

  38. How can you call upon Him whom you have not believed? How then do you think you can do the will of God when you find it difficult to believe in Him whom He has sent? You do not have the faith that is in Him.

  39. He is operating differently. He is on one side and you are on another side. He is operating with the sixth-sense, you are operating in the fifth sense. Not that He has not revealed Himself to you; He has fully revealed Himself both His invisible and the visible attributes have been made known to you. Then, what is the basis for the unbelief? What is the basis for the lack of faith? It then means you have a substitute.

  40. The Bride has no OPTION; the Bride has no other choice, for two choices from the beginning were not presented.

  41. John gave way, Jesus continued. Branham gave way, the Son of Man appeared. Only one tree is standing. The Bride has no choice.

  42. Our actions prove to the Son of Man that we are not with Him. If there was a time we were looking unto Him, that time is over. Compare and contrast, the time He bid Peter to come and Peter fixed his eyes and affection on him, what happened to Peter and the time he looked away?

  43. There is nobody sitting down in this most holy Faith who is an adult who doesn’t know the time he or she was fixing his or her eyes on Christ and the time he or she looked away. If you cannot separate the two, you are a liar. If you say you do not know, come before Me and speak to Me, tell Me you do not know or deny that you never looked away.

  44. I am not mentioning any name but your names are there. You are in the 99.5 percent. This is faith, the key that unlocks the gate of heaven. This is the key to the translation. This is the key to everything.

  45. And He told us, this would be the last. I would use the Bible, historical evidences to help you to believe that I AM HE before I will approach this matter. I used the written word to create faith in you to believe that I AM HE.

  46. Even when I never read sermon books, the prophet said, “Christ will be on earth in the last days, in the midst of the Bride. But the Bible will declare who He is.”

  47. The Bible will only help us to recognize Him. Without the Bible, there is no other thing you can use to know that God revealeth Himself in the clouds.

  48. He was caught up in the clouds, He is going to be revealed in the clouds. When He shall appear in the Bride, He will come with the cloud like a rainbow over his head. Hence, you must look out for that, not for signs and wonders, for healing, for this, no, no, no, no.

  49. When He comes, he said, “He will come with a message straight unto the Bible. And look at what the message will do, it will encircle the whole earth until every predestinated elect of God will catch it.”

  50. By 1993, the Lord warned all the people that were doing the recording that time, “Let nobody ever distort this message, even the interpreters, do not distort it because, you do not know the extent this message will go.

  51. “But I am assuring all of you that this message must go round the whole world as a witness unto them.”

  52. We were few in number that time. Only one small classroom harboured everybody in the Bridal Faith. Amen.


FAITH, page 41 verse 10: Any day a little doubt comes in, Faith vanishes. Faith and doubt can never go together. If you are having any problem, your problem is doubt. The greatest problem that we are having is that we are mingling the word of God with doubt instead of Faith.”

  1. Doubt is the visible and invisible manifestation of unbelief. Once faith is expressed, doubt has no room again. Doubt produces fear of the unknown which brings distrust. Fear of the unknown brings distrust. Lack of faith brings suspicion. It causes trouble, it brings disunity.

  2. “How many believe God is in the midst of the Bride?”

  3. How many believe God is in the midst of the Bride? 12th March, 1993.

  4. “The pilot has announced that the plane is in danger. The little girl woke up and wiped off her eyes and replied to her friend, “In danger? But is daddy still in the cockpit? Her friend replied, yes and the little girl went back to sleep”

  5. 12th March, 1993. The Original Baton, Faith in Christ. This is what is missing in your lives.

  6. He that must come to Me must first of all, believe with all his heart that I AM and I EXIST. You must believe that there is one called the Son of Man, coming according to prophecy and that He exists.

  7. And what has appeared is He that was promised, that was prophesied. No more, no less. He has come in His fullness with all the prophesied Supernatural’s surrounding Him and His ministry. That He is hiding Himself in the midst of trees is the way He has chosen.

  8. His noise can never be heard on the streets, a bruised reed, He cannot break neither can he quench the burning lantern. He is a man of sorrow acquainted with grief.

  9. Looking at Him, there is nothing in Him that will make any man desire Him. Yet, in Him is the fullness of the Godhead bodily. God in despised places. Faith is all that is needed to surrender to God that is found in the despised place.

  10. “No matter how the tempest will rise, no matter how the trouble will come, I am not afraid. My dad is on the steering, my dad is there controlling the aeroplane. My life is secured, for he is there.” The girl slept off. This is how we sleep from now because He is in our midst…”

  11. This is how we sleep from now. The prophet said, “Faith means rest.” Faith means rest.

  12. “I am telling you the truth, I lie not. He is in our midst.”

  13. 1993, March 12th. With every amount of certainty and boldness He made the declaration. That He the entire world was looking for, waiting for, had already started romancing with a little group out there at Amazu Oil and the world knew it not. Onitsha remained blind.

  14. People were coming from Jos, from Kaduna, from everywhere to behold His Majesty in the wilderness. And He was not offering them physical bread; He was not offering then any comfort. There was nothing He was promising them; He had nothing that could attract anybody.

  15. A very uncomfortable place He chose to stay. No good mansion, no decorated altar, no rich men. Why has He decided to move with rejected things, despised things?

  16. Why has chosen to hide Himself where it will be increasingly difficult to believe He could be found there. Why did He bypass all the Synagogues, Cathedrals, Temples, Ministries, movements? And even till today, He is still hiding.

  17. Our brother the Evangelist who came from Nasarawa, while they were addressing this matter yesterday in My house, he read a sermon book he was reading in the vehicle. And that sermon book, the message was preached about the year 1998, November 1st.

  18. He read it; in short, I made a statement that we are in a prophetic ministry. For we are rehearsing prophecies we heard, most of them from the mouth of our former Bishop (ex-bishop) Okey Paul. All lining up in our day.

  19. Let Me put it this way. Until he left the scene—because I decided to show him the way out. For in the beginning, I never purposed to work with him. But I used him for a purpose: to achieve My mission.

  20. No minister in the Bridal Faith ever helped the believer to know the truth from the scriptures more than Bishop Okey Paul. And for that reason, pride set in. he was not preaching another message, rather he was highlighting that which I have handed down.

  21. Being a Pastor, he was splitting it in the level and language everybody understood. Quoting William Branham who said we should make this message so simple that infants will understand and believe, so that they can be saved. He did it.

  22. He heard audible voice like Ewald Frank of Germany. And he made it clear that this man (the Son of Man) is Christ; the Anointed One that was prophesied to come.

  23. “Are you weak here? Have you become tired of running business? The Lord said, “My strength is enough for you, My grace is sufficient in your weakness. I have made you strong for the Lord is your strength. Why not say amen.” Amen.


Let us look into this message: “The personality we are having dealings with.” Preached on the 1st day of November, 1998. By Bishop Okey Paul. Page 80 verse 38-43.

  1. “But when God came out in His fullness, we understood. It was in this ministry that Bro Mike was discussing with Sister Mike in the bedroom, no human being was there. Brother Mike, was that true or false? He replied, “It was true.” You know he cannot tell lies.

  2. Let me tell you what helped me from the very onset, from the day I heard the voice, “I have anointed you with my spirit,” that statement from Almighty alone vanished every unbelief in me. For I know what it means for God to anoint a man with His Spirit.

  3. I recognized the language very well that this man dwelling among us has become no other thing but Christ in our own day. For there was nothing that made Jesus a different man if not that same anointing, for Christ means no other thing but the anointed one.

  4. When did that anointing leave? Did it come and stay a while and leave? That was the day God spoke to me direct saying, “Tell my servant who is in charge of this church to purge himself now and in 7 days.

  5. I never understood it until later. That I have to purge myself of the old leaven, of the old idea, of the old doctrine for it is my (God’s) power among my (His) people.

  6. In other words, this is the hand of God in the camp. “My servant, get ready, line up.” Then how can that God lead us and we come here and see him as a man?”

  7. “My wife was warning Me, she said, “Leave this oyibo people alone o-o-o.”

  8. Leave this expatriate alone. “A little while, Brother Okechukwu came in, Brother Paul came in, we started with it. Brother Mike came in, a little while Brother Christian came in.

  9. I said, “Why must it be today?” And that was the day the contract was to be signed. Because of the problem I had in the night, I asked them to go and come back the following day. While I was struggling over that thing, lo and behold, almost all the ministers trooped into My house as if I invited them. 1993, when I was living at the backyard.

  10. Let Me tell you, God decided to preserve this faith. For you to be a man of God and run this race successfully, get ready. Your faith must be tested. And the greatest test is money test: When you are in need, At a time you are GREATly in need of money.

  11. It is like Jesus Christ being tested with food when he was hungered after forty days and forty nights without food. Immediately he came out, the devil confronted him to turn the stone into food. He said, “A man shall not live by bread alone.”

  12. How many can resist that offer today for the sake of Christ, for the sake of this ministry, for the sake of the lives of brethren entrusted into your care? I told you that Christ made Himself poor that you might be the riches of Christ.

  13. If I am poor, I am poor for your sake. I have all it takes to be where every other person should be. I do not joke with that, I know that very well. I know that God took His time specially and specifically and molded Me for a purpose. I do not learn anything before practicing it.

  14. If I say I am learning, I know what I am learning. I am studying the people not that thing. By the people, I mean, the system to know whether it will be fitting to Me and to My belief.

  15. How many resist the sight of naira and kobo today? What is pushing you about, forcing you to deny your faith? What is making you to be unfaithful? Is it not the pursuit of naira and kobo?

  16. Have you ever paused one day, have you ever prayed your own personal prayer with a view of finding out how the Son of Man is being sustained financially, with His enormous financial responsibilities which He can never dodge?

  17. “What is more, the Lord starved Me from morning till night, no food, no water thinking of worldly things. I am giving you true testimony, I am not exaggerating. I have witnesses.”

  18. Some of them are still here. Pastor Christian is still here and many others.

  19. “They came with thousands, and seeing that the Lord has manifested His gift, everywhere was money. The Lord wanted to drop 100,000.00, one hundred thousand in My account for saving as dash (gift).”

  20. Check the value as at 1993. When the Peugeot vehicle was about 3,500. Three thousand five hundred naira. I mean ordinary, steering gear. GL was four thousand eight hundred naira as at that time. New brand of Peugeot three thousand, eight hundred and fifty naira Mandela’s. How many had that amount that time?

  21. “They said, Brother, come and work for us. Tell us how much we would pay you every month. Money is not the problem here,…”

  22. That amount was to seal the contract: “Just accept you will work with us,” there was no other thing.

  23. This was the testimony I was sharing with My wife last night. We were deliberating about this faith and all we have been passing through. I was opening Myself totally. I really thank God for what He doing in My life.

  24. Can you imagine what happened immediately I left the civil service? All these people that trooped immediately come over, come over, come over. Consider the wealth, what I will look like sitting down in their offices only to help them grow. Expand their establishment for them; I was wondering whether they could give Me chance to run this ministry. And how much they will be paying Me as a price for your souls. I considered many, many things. I say to hell with all these nonsense. To hell with them.

  25. In every temptation, the eyes of the Lord are there. In every trials that come your way, check by your side, there is God there. If you can only look up, a voice will speak.

  26. Just like what happened to Me yesterday afternoon. I was considering some messages upstairs for I was alone. I read the first sermon book finished it and dropped it. Picked another one. A little while, I felt somehow. The thought came, I touched My eyes, I said, “Okay, let Me go and remove this My own. By Monday, I am visiting Guinness eye hospital.

  27. After their experiment, I will meet Doctor Gius, he will remove this thing.” I have already made up My mind. For what is hindering Me was how I will be closing Me eyes, one with glasses.

  28. I said, “Okay, let Me do it and I will be away from the fellowship at least for fourteen days.” I concluded it.

  29. Immediately I was stepping into My room, drop the sermon books on the sofa there intending to go out, it was like somebody pulled Me by My shirt. I halted, in short, I laughed Myself to scorn.

  30. The voice was very clear: “What is this thing depriving you off? The time you never knew that this thing was in your eyes, and now that I brought it to prominence, compare and contrast, at what time you can say you are seeing clearer with your eyes? Leave it there. I stored all those things that belong to your vision there. I will release them again.”

  31. Brethren, I laughed Myself to scorn. And of a truth, I have never seen clearer than now. When this thing was inside, I cannot explain what I was passing through. You look at it from outside; it appeared it is inside troubling Me. I used prayer and anoint it; finally, I just left it.

  32. Before I knew it, it bulged out. Initially, people thought it was ordinary pimple or something. It has nothing to do with it. And immediately it came out, My eyeball was released. The pressure released, My eyes opened.

  33. I can now drive in any highway without any problem. I can drive by night, I can drive by day. I can read materials like I am holding now even without inviting anybody. It pays to be patient with God. For faith is patient. Faith is patient.

  34. “They said, Brother, come and work for us. Tell us how much we would pay you every month.”

  35. The devil is a liar. The devil knows how to trick people o-o-o. This thing was not a day temptation.

  36. There was a continuous affair to the point that when My wife became terribly sick in the hospital at Mercy Specialist Hospital near unto death; although I have the money for her treatments, I was praying for her life.

  37. When the matter became extremely bad, the doctor lost confidence. Brethren that were there saw My wife miraculously recovered when I ordered My missionary Bible to come. I opened My mouth, before you knew it, somebody whose eyes was tightly fitted came up from the bed.

  38. The tongue that was held with the teeth went back. Her eyes opened pure red after about seven days of coma. The doctor was astonished. This people never knew that the doctor discharged My wife free of charge because of the miracle that took place. Still, they traced Me down to the hospital and even gave money for the payment of the bill just to make sure My conscience was bribed.

  39. The people preached and preached. When I fell down unconsciously, the same thing again. For every little opportunity, they will capitalized on it. I never called them, simply because they went to the house, they could not see Me, they inquired, they were taken to the hospital.

  40. They saw Me, so they continued monitoring Me until the day I was discharged. My in-laws came with money to assist Me out of the hospital. This people came, cleared the whole bills and even took Me home. Just to see whether I could be moved. After those experiences the Lord proved his worth. And that is why I am still talking till today.

  41. Brother, finish your testimony or you hold it, let Me read something here. Because I want to cross over to another message that is why I want you to finish that.

  42. Brother Mike told me, “Brother, this is another trick of the devil, you remember your battle in the Baptist Church when they wanted to bundle you and your family to America because of dollar. You hear it, brother, run away from it.” That was true.

  43. Brother Mike came; he was among the brethren that came to My house. He reminded Me of it immediately. “Brother, do not forget what happened before, this is the devil.”

  44. “Pilgrims, pilgrims, stranger! What is this journey costing you? Let me tell you, you will not know what is in you until you get money. You will not know what you hate and what you love until you have the means to be rich.” Amen!

  45. 1993, March 12th. “When money come into your hand, we will know whether you are a child of God or not.” Period! “Some of us are in this faith calling ourselves children of God because nature has made us poor for now.” For now!

  46. “Bachelors, would desire to live in a flat but when you had no money, you did not like flat, you did not like V-boot, you did not like this or that. You are not a child of God, you are not a stranger.”

  47. The person will become uncontrollably bad. Unless you are filled with the Holy Spirit before money comes. If it is not that way, that money will publish your spiritual obituary. You might be hanging on the faith, it is a mere cover so that whenever you die, you will be buried as one that served God.

  48. Yes, the so-called children of God can gather around your corpse, give you more than befitting burial only to say bye-bye to hell. We better be careful. We are talking about faith.

  49. I am crossing over to something. In this message preached by our former Bishop Okechukwu Paul, page 86 verse 5-15 of the personality we are having dealings with. Not, “knowing the personality you are having dealings with”. This one is, “the personality we are having dealings with”.

  50. “The way of salvation that God has revealed to us is a different way, is a new way. It is present way of God saving His people. The message of grace and truth is a different way, the present way, in other words, that is the living way of God saving His people today.

  51. Now, if God refuses to be with this church through grace of God, through justification by faith, which other way do you think you are going to obtain your own salvation?...

  52. Can it be in our own age when He became a man that that one should blind us because He speaks with us, plays with us, talks with us”

  53. What is the difference between speaks with us and talks with us? This is tautology. I find it difficult to read anything that is not English, English. If I do not know anything, I believe I have a good command of English Language. For I was a student under the British Jack. Yes, I studied under the British Jack for almost seven years.

  54. “If that one hinders our salvation, let it be known that from the foundation of the world we are elected unto doom.”

  55. If believing God as a human being hinders all of us from obtaining salvation, the bishop as at that time filled with the Holy Spirit made it clear that it should be known to us that we are all elected not unto salvation but to doom.

  56. “You can be elected unto doom, equally, you can be elected unto eternal salvation. Because all that were saved by grace of God, they were saved when God was a man.

  57. If in your own age we want God to bring the old way of salvation, when the word of God said that God has brought out a different way of salvation, different from the way of old, different from the law; if this church will close their eyes and then keep on bringing unbelief and doubt, the moment grace of God is removed from this church, let it be known to you that no flesh can be saved.

  58. Then will you go back, roll back to that thing that will cost you your life? One foolish thing is that, when we fall into mess, we become blind. We forget our experiences. We will even forget the vision we had before we even meet the badger skin. We will even forget he that is dwelling among us.

  59. We will even forget the miracles we were partakers of and great things that have vindicated his calling. Our hearts will be biased; faced only on that thing that has filled our hearts.” Amen.



I am having another message I want us to consider: We stumble over the simplicity of God.

  1. Remember we are discussing the Original Baton, the foundation FAITH. For what you took off with is FAITH, what you will present at the end is FAITH. You will never present any other thing. For this is the key that opens the door.

  2. What is hindering you from having faith in Him whom the Lord has sent in your day, I believe it is no other thing than this message. The simplicity is stumbling many, if not all.

  3. If He shouts and makes great noise like the thunderstorm, all knees will bow down. If He demonstrates Himself and His power in a flaming fire, every knee must bow down. If He sweeps across like a flood, all flesh will acknowledge He is the Almighty.

  4. But now He has appeared in weakness, not in His strength but in His weakness as a human being with every type of weakness that is associated with human beings, it has become the greatest stumbling block.

  5. Be very careful that you are not fulfilling dangerous prophecies. For before you were born, the Lord has placed on the way to Zion, the City of God, a stumbling block, a rock of offence where people stumble at His word.

  6. Only those that will overcome this stumbling block will find themselves in paradise. And there is no other instruments, no other equipments that can help you to surmount it if not FAITH. For faith does not have any stumbling block.

  7. Faith recognizes no obstacle. Faith crushes all challenges. Faith is always optimistic – very positive. Faith is constantly saying “I am able.” Even if others will fail, faith will always say, I must succeed where others failed.

  8. What does it take to believe in a man? Whatever it takes to believe in a man is what it takes to believe in God for God is a man.

  9. “We stumble over the simplicity of God”. Preached 9th February, 2014. At the Household of God Onitsha. By Apostle Peter Odoemena, the Son of Man. The Supreme Intelligence.

  10. “If my signature is not there, you will be returned; you have missed the way! Route your prayers, route your everything, your correspondence through the appropriate channel. It must surely receive attention.

  11. But where you route it wrongly, it will end in the waste paper basket. Finish! No file for it because you did not route it very well.”

  12. You may be expecting a reply not knowing that your letter did not get to Me because it was wrongly addressed.

  13. “Make your plea, submit it through the appropriate channel, you must be heard, provided your heart is right. Make sure at all times, your heart is right with God and with your fellow man. Finish!”

  14. Make sure your heart is right with God and with your fellow man. Finish!

  15. “Do not allow your business to condemn you to eternal hellfire because, it is a family business. Number one partner should be your wife. Number two, your children. If you are doing any business which your wife cannot stand for, your wife does not know anything about it, your transactions with people, truly speaking, you are a criminal you are hiding many things away from her.

  16. What if tomorrow you go to market and refuse to come back? And people will ask no other person but your wife, believing that she knows everything about you and your business. But unfortunately, she does not know anything.”

  17. This message was preached before former Deacon and Brother Frank died. If he had paid heed to this message, we won’t be having the problem we are having today with his business associates. He was running a business which the wife does not even know the pros and cons of. As I am talking here, nobody knows who is owing him and those he is owing.

  18. “That thing which you are hiding from your wife that is the criminality side of your business.” Period! The criminality side has always been hidden from the wife.

  19. “In other words, in My absence, any of them can be there.” In My absence, any of them can be there. “It is that secret side of your business which no other person should know but you that makes it a criminal business.

  20. For if it is honest, legal, approved of God, it should be opened to all the members of the family. After all, the proceeds of the business are going to no other place but to the family.”

  21. That is true! The earlier they know about the business the better.

  22. “The highest thing you can do is to buy a car, build a house, bye land. Who owns them? The family! Who will enjoy them? The family! Why hiding away the source of the money from the family? And any money that is hidden from the family can hardly be useful. It must be expended in a foolish way.”

  23. “But God can accuse you because He is the one that is opening the door for you. He is the one that is making the way for you so that the family will not suffer. But if you misuse it, God has every right to ask you why.”

  24. That is pure truth! He is the one that is making the way for us so that our family will not suffer. This is our faith. It is not a light matter. This is a family faith. My faith must be the faith of My family.

  25. This is the family of God entrusted to My care. Whether you like it or not, this is the order. Your inability to live by it marks you out of this family for you are bringing reproach. So, do not ask Me what makes you an unbeliever, it is this area that is difficult for you to say amen to.

  26. If you are having the fear of the unknown, it goes to show that you do not trust your wife. Fear of the unknown, “Lest she will run away with my money. Lest she will carry everything and give her people.”

  27. That goes to show that from the beginning you are still nursing the feeling that if your wife will have her way that she will kill you.

  28. For the easiest way for a woman to carry the wealth of the husband is by killing her husband. And I want to make it clear, the easiest creature to kill is a human being. It is easier to kill a human being than to kill a rat. I will not tell you how but go and think about it.

  29. Shut up your mouth! Men now talk anyhow more than women. The days are gone when women are being feared, dreaded because of their mouth. Men are now worse. The day when women are gossips are over. Men are now gossips more than women.

  30. Things are turning upside down. There are too many of our social lives that have been turned upside down. Yes, in those good old days, men were taking care of their wives. But today, wives take care of men.

  31. Let Me tell you. About 85 percent of families not in this faith only, worldwide are being taken care of by their wives without men caring. They might be well placed, the wealth might be there but they do not have the interest of their families at heart.

  32. Rather, they will be maintaining families outside their own. Making them to feel more comfortable than their own immediate families. If you know that I am speaking the truth, why not echo ‘amen’ Amen!

  33. Cases abound. We better address this truth. The time men would stand up and begin to brag is over. Because what make-up a man is completely missing in a lot of men. What makes up a man is nothing but integrity. The moment integrity is lost, everything about the individuality is lost.

  34. And the integrity of a man is measured by the way he runs his family life. That is WHY; a man that is a man prays honestly that no renegades will ever emanate from his family. Lest, his integrity will be DRAGGED to the mud.

  35. He does everything within his power to make sure that none of his children will ever run AMOK because of THE folly of sophistication. How many are doing the work even to look into the state of their flock? Your flock is your family.

  36. Some do not even care. What they know is whenever they come back, food is ready. Dump money into the hand of the woman and go your way. Tell her what you will eat when you come back. It is not what we learn from God.

  37. Jehovah means, Almighty God in His family. That is the meaning of Jehovah. In the Greek word, it is Ella Elohim: He that dwells in His family. And I told you My mission on earth is tied to My marriage whether I like it or not.

  38. No matter how I confess it in My family, sometimes—because it is very difficult to raise a family in the fear of God. Too many things are involved. That is why it is not meant for boys or men without backbone.

  39. To raise children that will serve God, a family of God, a family of righteousness, it requires vision backed up by action. It requires integrity, unquestionable integrity. It requires one with the strictness of an Apostle to do that.

  40. No matter how messages are emanating from My family altar, some are having it to their own destruction. While some are having it to their own advantage.

  41. Job said, “I will not behave like Adam who coverED the iniquity of his own house. I will rather expose the iniquity of My house so that they can be corrected. Because the only way you can correct evil is by exposing it. Cover it, and it will multiply itself. By the time it will begin to deliver, what it will born will be death. What it will produce is death. Something that will be disappointing.

  42. A good number of you people wouldn’t like the iniquities of your families to be mentioned. Even where they are mentioned and the name of your children are called, you will be offended. The minister becomes your greatest enemy.

  43. But the Son of Man does not only mention it, He documents for posterity so that you will know the extent He goes in handling His family, to make sure they serve God in sincerity and in truth. For the essence of having a godly wife is to raise godly children.

  44. If My children have the revelation that their behaviours will be carried in all the newspapers and radio stations in the whole world, nobody will tell them how to behave. They will be behaving as worthy ambassadors of the Son of Man’s family.

  45. “Last week, we receive the news of the death of one of our sisters, the wife of Brother Andrew. I have to speak briefly concerning Andrew. It is unfortunate that Andrew remains the only brother in this Bridal Faith in the South East extraction that does not have a local assembly and he does not have a Pastor.”

  46. Andrew is gone and he is gone. All his references past. But if you are wise, at your quiet time, go back to Andrew’s reports. Because when history is forgotten, the mistake of the past must be repeated.

  47. Just like I distributed the messages to the appointed vessels that need the message. This morning, I saw many peeping and then looking around.

  48. Brother Nnamdi, the message titled, “Wake keep”, it is meant exclusively for some people, they have gotten it. Do not print more. Do not print again. And do not for any reason give a copy to anybody because you want to or you have the power. Because if you do, I will know. It has reached the designated vessels and there we stop it.

  49. I numbered the people and they have gotten it. Especially the family of Bishop Moses. Every soul in that family got a set. It is for a purpose.

  50. Apostle Ojiakor, I gave you a set. (He said, “Yes sir.”) Nzubechi got a set. Pastor Thomas, you got a set. Because there is a reason why I selected three of you. Brother Uche, you got a set.

  51. Apart from Apostle Kelechi, there is no other person outside that set that got one. That is how I want it. The rest are those that the message was designated to. You do not need to pry into it, it does not concern you.

  52. But if you want to have one, I will give you a condition. I will give you a condition. Pray that you will die tonight, in a fortnight, I will come and do your own wake-keep in My own way.

  53. For the message was titled, “Bishop Moses wake-keep by the Son of Man” and with the few He took there. No more, no less.

  54. I have My own way of laying My own wreath and doing My own wake-keep I am the happiest man that the red garment has been removed. It gives Me joy. And even as we are here, Bishop Moses is here. It gives Me joy.

  55. If his iniquity was not judged as it affected him, Nsukka and Enugu respectively, there was no way that red garment would have been removed. It was on that date that the two local assemblies were set free that he was also set free.

  56. You see, I was not shocked that he attended Brother Victor Ugwu’s burial with white garment which is the righteousness of the saints. This is the best thing that will happen to any individual. It happens because I am the Justifier of the living and the dead. I am not only the God of the living, I am equally the God of the dead.

  57. Yes, I have stepped into hell before, I also have another opportunity to step into hell not to lie down there but to examine it well, well, to know whether it has been prepared according to My desire, to meet My standard of punishment for this wicked world.

  58. I must test the fire well, well, to know whether it is having all those ingredients that will make human beings realize the calamities they brought to themselves which will even make them to curse God more. Because instead of repenting, they will curse God more.

  59. That is your own time. Everybody has his own time, his own day. For a day belongeth to God. A day of vengeance is in My heart saith the Lord God Almighty. A day of vengeance is in the heart of God. Amen.


Recognize where you have fallen. Do not just claim to be in the faith of the Son of Man with your mouth for God searcheth the heart of all.”

  1. Do not only stop at claiming. One thing is to claim another thing is to be real. Claiming can be born out of mere euphoria.

  2. Remember that He gave us a message titled “joyful unbeliever’s.” They heard that the master resurrected from death but they did not believe rather, they were jubiliating.

  3. The Bible says that, “The Apostles were told that Jesus resurrected from the dead,” the Bible said they did not believe because of joy.

  4. This message can give you joy because of what you intend to achieve with it. Yet, you do not believe the reality of the message – the truth of the message. What you are rejoicing at is your own personal interpretation of the message.

  5. Watch people that make a hell of noise in this faith, they are rejoicing over their own personal interpretation not God’s way concerning the message.

  6. When you hear liberty, liberty, some think liberty means to do all things. “Where there is no law, there is no sin.” Why don’t begin to kill from your father, your mother, kill your wife, kill your children.

  7. Begin now to carry rifle, waylay people on the highway and rob them of their belongings after all, where there is no law, there is no sin. And then you invite the Son of Man to your rescue.

  8. Why don’t you even attempt it, kneel down and pray, “God, I want to go and rob, deprive people of their properties, may the Son of Man see me through in the name of Peter the Christ,” go out.

  9. Where there is no law, there is no sin. You see them jumping up, “We have arrived, we have entered.”

  10. He has given us freedom not freedom to do evil. Not freedom to do evil. Something is wrong because God says it is wrong. Something is good because God says it is good.

  11. If you have the mind of God, you can discern between good and bad. Between that which is proper, which is the acceptable will of God, of course, you have the mind of God, you have the spirit of God. But where that is absent, well, your faith will justify you in all things. All things!

  12. Be very, very careful that you do not destroy yourself with your own interpretations of the message which runs contrary with the perfect will of God. Pay attention as we continue.

  13. “When I mentioned the genesis of her problem, she acknowledged it before everybody. It is not her husband; it is what is taking place in the heart. Extended family problem upsetting her.

  14. Please, do not allow any external problem upset you. The problem does not belong to you until the problem is coming from you.”

  15. What? The problem does not belong to Me unless that problem is emanating from me.

  16. Hear Me well. If it is a matter that affects My mother, she is not My own mother alone. Many are involved. Her death today will not affect Me alone, it will affect all of us. Am I making sense? Yes sir!

  17. That is why, from time to time, I will ask her a hard question that will make My wife turn round to say, “Daddy, remember, mama is getting older. Know how to talk to her unless she will die o-o-o.” How am I talking to her?

  18. “Mama, am I your only child? Don’t you have other sons except Me? Refer all your problems to them. Am I going to die for you? Everywhere will be calm. I am not coming, I will come when I will come. After all, I have My own family. You are not My wife, your husband is dead. I am somebody’s husband. You want to kill Me.”

  19. It is good to tell somebody the truth. She is the only tree that binds us together. Any day that tree is removed, to your tents oh Israel. My brethren, is it a lie? (No sir!)

  20. What am I saying? Sometimes, extended family problems can upset your family if you are a fool. Just like Chime Nwachukwu wants to stifle the lives of the members of his family because of his father that have outlived his usefulness.

  21. The father that has become useless, the father that has become a liability Chime cannot even bear. He now wants the wife to bear the liability. Are you mad? Somebody that you should be praying for that, “God, I am not saying that he should die, but if he dies, there will be no problem.” I do not want My mother to die, but if she dies, there will be no problem.

  22. Extended family problem, does it have an end? No sir! And if you begin to respond, you must respond to all. That is why, when you are rejecting, reject all.

  23. I know that wicked people will capitalize on this area. They will not understand Me. Did I say you should not help them or come to their aid? No sir! But I am saying you should not do it at the detriment of your family. This is My interpretation. My family first. This is the interpretation. My mother, do not die, will I be the one to die?

  24. “Do not neglect yourself. You are the sole stakeholder to your life. Both eternal life and physical life.”

  25. You are what? You are the sole stakeholder of your life. Do you know what it takes to be a stakeholder? You are the chairman and managing director. Nobody will become responsible for anything failure in your life but you. You are the one.

  26. For that reason, you will be stupid to allow another thing to divert your attention. You will be stupid to allow extended relation to truncate the ambition of your family. Do not ever permit that. I do not care how plausible it may sound.

  27. This is September. Any moment from now, children will be going back to their schools and colleges. And school fees will be expected from the parents. And you want to tell Me that it is at this point that I will begin to remember My mother, remember My father-in-law, remember My mother-in-law now?

  28. You do not understand Me. You cannot prepare yam during the time of famine and invite people to come and take one, one as they pass by. Never, never! “Man, take one. You, take one.,” when there is famine? Na lie!.

  29. This is the time your family must be number one. Until your children has gone back to their schools, you have no rest. A good number of them are going to new, new classes with new, new demands.

  30. Some are going to be registered fresh with heavy expenses. And this is the time you want Me to remember My mother who is over 80 years? “Abeg”, you do not know what you are saying.

  31. “The same thing is applicable to our brother here in Onitsha, Sam Kalu. He knows it, elders are aware that he does not take any instruction from any elder. He disrespects My Word, My instructions and disrespects every instruction from every elders in this local assembly.

  32. He does that which he has purposed in his heart. But when problem comes out of it, you see him running to the elders. That was the reason why I ordered yesterday, but I never knew he had already stepped out: that he should not be served with wine in My house.”

  33. What is the name of that man? Sam Kalu! Another person is, Kelechi Obi or Kelechi Eze. He falls within that category.

  34. “You are free to do whatever you want to do but do not attribute it to God. If you never discussed and received God’s approval for anything, please, keep God away. So that whatever you see, the name of God will not be associated with it.”

  35. Please, keep God away.

  36. “LET ME TELL YOU, I AM ON A SALVATION MISSION. and I know it is not easy to save a human being.”

  37. Amen! Amen! From the very world go. Man has always been a problem which even compelled God to regret in creating man.

  38. “Bishop David was around when we were handling the matter yesterday. Bishop David, are you here? He answered, “Yes sir!” We handled many things yesterday in your presence for you to see how we run the affairs of Brethren in Jerusalem.

  39. Once you are a member of this faith in Onitsha, you are a member of this faith worldwide. If you are a Bishop here,…” You are a Bishop in America.

  40. “Whatever you are here, that is what you will be, as far as this faith is concerned, throughout the whole world.”

  41. Your names have gone round the whole world. They think it is Son of Man’s name alone. All of you! Both the Elders, the Bishops, whatever you may be, even a good number of your members, your names are there.

  42. Once it is in the Net, the world knows who you are. Whatever crime you are committing, it is there. Everything you are doing, they are all there. One day, you will come up with somebody who will ask you your name. Before you know it, you will be asked, “Were you the one I saw for which cause your name is being mentioned by one Son of Man? So, you are a bad man!”

  43. You will begin to argue that you are not a bad man. The man will mention the message where your name appeared, then you will repent by force. This is what is happening in this faith.

  44. As unknown yet known everywhere. We are like a city that is on the mountain, we can never hide again. You can never hide your identity from the world again. Nothing has exposed us more than this faith. If you do not want to be exposed to the world, please, run away from this faith.

  45. “Whatever you are here, that is what you will be, as far as this faith is concerned, throughout the whole world.”

  46. Pastor Sam from Eha-Amufu, can you talk about our former Brother Chinedu the plant operator in your school before a brother to … Sit down. Is that your brother alive? He answered “Yes.” Chinedu is his name? He said “Yes.” The plant operator? He answered “Yes.”

  47. There was a time his children were dying? He answered “Yes.” Is he still alive? He answered “Yes sir.” Good! Is the wife still alive? He answered “Yes.” Some of his children are still alive? He answered “Yes sir.” Good!

  48. Is he still working in the school? Answered “Yes sir.” Where is he worshipping God? He answered “Nowhere.” Okay, see Me after fellowship.

  49. “Whatever you are here, that is what you will be, as far as this faith is concerned, throughout the whole world. Anybody, any local assembly that does not receive you and treat you as such is erring before God. The pope cannot be pope in Rome and ordinary laity in Onitsha.”

  50. Is it possible? No sir! Is it possible? No sir! Good! You cannot be a Bishop in Onitsha and ordinary man at Enugu. Otherwise, Enugu will be erring. They must acknowledge you as a Bishop; give you all the respect and honour due to your office.

  51. “…The pope cannot be pope in Rome and ordinary laity in Onitsha. If he is a pope in Rome, he is a Pope in Onitsha. He is a pope worldwide.” Sure!


  53. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! “THE EASIEST WAY TO CHECK EVIL IS BY EXPOSING IT. I HAVE MADE IT PUBLIC BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW THE DECISION THE SON OF MAN HAS TAKEN THIS YEAR UNTIL SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED.” Sure! Nobody will know the Son of Man personal decision which He took right from 2014 until something has happened.

  54. “I have given instruction to Bishop Isaac, through Apostle Kelechi, who pilots the affairs of the Brethren in the South-South. Please, rally round with your Brethren.

  55. Send delegate to Andrew that I am saying here, confirming it in your presence, that he should make haste with his in-laws to settle everything they know they could settle. Within three weeks of the death of the wife, we shall intern the body.”

  56. We are talking about the wife not Andrew. Andrew was not our corpse and we did not bury him. I wanted Mbaise people to strangle me to death. Instead, all of them that saw Me shook My hands because of My courage.

  57. “If we do not bury her within these three weeks, Andrew will bury her alone. That is order from My sacred desk. Finish!”

  58. Sure! Where is My sacred desk? People will be looking at this table. Who knows the Son of Man’s sacred desk? My sacred desk is My heart. That is My seat and that is the seat of God. And once a decision is taken from there, to change it, brethren, it must cost something that is unpalatable.