Whatever you call Me is what I am to you because I am a very big elephant. Your description of Me depends on the area you are touching Me. Any attack that is directed to Me is just like an attack that is directed to the wind. Believe it if you can…

—The Son of Man


God said that He will use a particular trouble to divert the attention of the entire world, and in the midst of the trouble the Bride will go away. Peradventure you have wandered away from home; this is the time for you to come home again.

For God earlier told us even in the Message titled “The State of The Nation” volume two that when you see all these things coming to pass in your own day, especially as it affect our own country Nigeria, know that your flight is near, even at your door step.



VS 30)


we are waiting at the approved place

We thank God that we are still alive and marching on fine.

  1. HOWEVER, as many as were ordained to salvation, who believed the truth of the gospel of Christ, they are settled and relaxed. There is no more room for doubt as to whether we have been saved from the wrath of God or not.

  2. Events around us speak clearer than any other thing. If you read the newspapers, listen to your radio set and hear what people say, Wherever they are, they will get convinced more and more that the world is now on one side while Christ is on the other side with the handpicked minority.

  3. It is now clearer than before that not all that attended the camp meeting AND heard it with the hearing of their ears the voice of the Son of Man saying “Son of Man, close the book and seal up the testimony,” were sealed in. some were sealed in while some were sealed out.

  4. As the days passed by, your position becomes clearer to you as an individual. the same way My position becomes clearer to me as an individual. I will speak to you on that with time if not in this MESSAGE.

  5. When you are listening to our foundational messages, be intelligent and wise enough to know the SEPARATING LINE between the Law and Grace. For we started with the Law and ended with Grace. We started with the Old Testament and ended with the New Testament as far as reading the scriptures are concerned.

  6. However, concerning the Bridal Faith, where the Bible stopped was where we took off, using the contents of the Bible to establish your Faith, and then used PROPHETIC REVELATION to declare His mission on Earth. Thus, there is no salvation for the Gentiles that are still alive when the Ministry of the Son of Man appeared, who doubted and disbelieved Prophetic Revelation. For the Ministry of the Son of Man is purely a Prophetic Ministry, based on REVELATION. Because it is in the Prophetic Revelation that all the mysteries are made known to the elect only.

  7. In the days of William Branham the Prophet, only a mystery was revealed. That is according to Revelation 10:7, when the Angel Messenger of the Seventh Church Age shall begin to sound, the mysteries of God should be finished. THE MYSTERY, THAT IS THE MYSTERY OF WHO HE IS. However, there are too many mysteries that are in God. Some of them are fathomable while some are unfathomable.

  8. In the Son of Man, the totality, the fullness of the Godhead is revealed. On the other hand, the Prophet or the seventh messenger of the Seventh Church Age, the spirit was on Him in part not in full. He prophesied in part, he saw things in part, he evangelised in part, he thought in part; but when that (He) which is perfect comes that which is not perfect gives way. Try to understand this.

  9. Moreover, there is no way anybody could understand the Prophetic Ministry, if he did not pass through the written Word. For the written Word introduces everybody to the Spoken Word. The Spoken Word Ministry uses the written Word as the reference point to clear the doubt that arises in the heart of the listener.

  10. If you cannot understand where you are, there is a problem along the line. It goes to show you are not a part then. Jesus the Christ in His days said, “Why is it that you cannot understand my sayings? It is because you are not a part of me”. He that is of God heareth and understandeth God’s Word. He does not need a Prophet to begin to interpret, for he even knows the mind of God. Nobody polices him about for he is a part of God’s program. You are a part of God’s program if from the beginning of the world; you were a part of the Elohim.

  11. What am I saying, If you are god—I believe all that came from God are gods—It behoVEs god to believe God. Whatever a snail produces must be a snail. Whatever a lizard produces must be a lizard.

  12. No matter how the Goat tries to impersonate the life of a sheep, it is not a sheep. Though theY look alike, they have wools covering the body, they eat the same food, sojourn in the same environment, ownED by one person, THAT IS, He that owns the goat owns the sheep But there is a wide gap between the sheep and goat. They cannot inter-marry.

  13. You can never see a ram mounting on top of NANNY GOAT (a she goat), impossible! Neither can you see a male goat mounting on top of a ewe (a female sheep), impossible! NEVERTHELESS, they lookED alike, Eat the same food, stay together; ownED by the same person But they are two distinct animals.

  14. HENCE, DO NOT be carried away by your sitting down in this holy congregation, it is your right. Having stayed too long with the sHeep, the tendency is there for the goat to begin to act like a sheep but it is acquired character, it is not nature.

  15. Everything about God is natural. nothing reveals God and His people more than nature. That is why Jesus Christ was accused of using nature to explain his teachings more than anything else. Yet, there can be counterfeit in everything; there can never be counterfeit in nature.

  16. Thus, please when we are going through our foundational messages, I know you do not need a Prophet to begin to show you the separating line. If there is any statement there you cannot understand bear with Me. Clear it with your teachers they will tell you.

  17. Do you know that it is only in this Faith, that the correct meaning, the divine meaning; the divine interpretation of what it takes to defile the temple of God is known ? It is only in this Faith, that the temple of God is being identified, and what it takes to defile that temple. Apart from this Bridal Faith, others have carnal knowledge, carnal interpretation of the temple of God and what it takes to defile the temple.

  18. They think it is by a man lying with a woman or a woman lying with a man; is that fornication? No! It is only in this most holy Faith that it is known and believed that IT IS INJECTING FALSE DOCTRINE. The same way it is only in this Faith that fornication is understood scripturally, by revelation to be one million miles away from sexual intercourse.

  19. Apart from this Faith, once you mention adultery or fornication, the mind of everybody will go to sexual affair. They are irrelevant to the matter. That is why, God has concluded all as fornicators. They might be wondering those that might be claiming to be pious and very righteous: “Since I was born, I have never done this. Never, far be it from me. Investigate me, I lie not.”

  20. However, my dear, Esau do not lie with a woman. Let there be no fornicator among you like Esau who because of a morsel of bread sold his birth right. Can you imagine that Balaam introduced his own teaching which permitted the Moabites and Israelites to worship together? That act was regarded as fornication.

  21. Your crossing over, your sitting down in any other Assembly, in any other congregation or clapping hands, or standing up or supporting in one form or the other, the rules and regulations, doctrines of another group outside the Bridal Faith makes you a fornicator.

  22. When you hear that the whole world has committed fornication with the woman Jezebel, the great whore that has introduced fornication, you begin to imagine how the whole world could commit fornication with the woman Jezebel, the wife of Ahab. Nevertheless, by revelation God made it clear that it is the Roman Catholic Church that has accepted all these Tom, Dick and Harry and everything; and have become a cage of unclean birds.

  23. Look at the people of God, by going back to the idols of their fathers, joining their fathers in bowing down before their shrine in observing the customs and traditions of their people, killing goat and cow on every tree, on every mountain; everywhere God regarded that as an adultery.

  24. You might be thinking, “I am married to one wife; I never married another man’s wife. I have never married any woman whose husband is alive, I am living with my wife since I married her.” But you do not know that you have remarried to more than one hundred husbands and wives ignorantly by supporting something God hated from the beginning.

  25. I wish to stress on these things as they are documented in the scriptures. If you go to the book of James, when James was trying to debunk them to set the Law aside, telling people that it is impossible for people to be saved by the deeds of the Law, he said, “Even if you do not tell lies, you do not do this. You do not marry one that is married to another man, and yet there is hatred in your heart; you are defiled”.

  26. “I do not do this, I do not do that,” but you tell lies; it said, “Already you are guilty of all and stand to be utterly condemned before God.” You have to be very, very careful. That is why once marriage is mentioned, we try to know the foundation before we can subscribe to it. However, where you keep us in the dark, if the trouble starts tomorrow; blame yourself and not God.

  27. In this Faith, there are too many things we cannot subscribe to. We will rather prefer to die than subscribe to them. Whatever might be your excuse, well, hold it tight. If He accepts it better, but I know He is not interested in your excuses. This Faith is a peculiar Faith. By this I just mention few things.

  28. I cannot forget the words of our late Elder Nwosu when he was insulted in the fellowship at Isi-Alangwa for they were handling things unscripturally, thinking he was not aware. He stood up to challenge the Pastor, pointing him back to the right track.

  29. Stubbornly, instead of accepting the wise counsel, he threatened the man by saying, “Do you know I have the right to excommunicate you from this Church?” He said, “Pastor, I know that very well, but Pastor do you know I have the right to walk away from this Church?” You are not in bondage.

  30. That is why we tell you that this Faith is not a place where you will come and say, “Let them preach whatever they want to preach, I will believe the ones I want and throw the rest away. I will behave the way I want.” No!

  31. It is not in this most holy Faith. This is why we tell you that if you feel we are deceiving you, or we are not holding on to the truth; take your bag and go away for you must worship with the people that believe what you believe so that when they say Amen you say Amen too.

  32. From the beginning of this ministry, we have never solicited for anybody’s membership of this Faith. Even when we were very small in number, we have never ceased from excommunicating people and we will keep on excommunicating even until the dying minute.

  33. If we are like others, we will be going from house to house soliciting people’s membership but woe unto us if we should try it.

  34. When we are crying that we are too many. That is why the load is too heavy—very heavy. Amen.


Let the Spirit That Was In Christ Be In Me.” This message was preached by Apostle Peter Odoemena on 18th December 1994 and was expressly dedicated to Apostle Peter Odoemena and not to the entire congregation. However, peradventure, what is good for Apostle Peter Odoemena, you feel is good for you, you can adopt it. Nevertheless, where you feel it is not good for you, you have the right to turn your back against it. It does not make you a sinner.

  1. May God bless our brothers that have been working with me, encouraging me by bringing out all these messages! As many of us that are in this Faith from 1994, if we are really sincere from all our hearts, we can announce to the whole world that there is no contradiction in this Faith. That from the very beginning, God has never pampered this truth.

  2. “The Bride of Christ in Preview,” page 11 verse 9: “...Change your heart; redirect your footstep to the part of honour and integrity. When you do that, if the Lord fails to bless you, hold Me responsible.”

  3. Obey it, if Almighty God does not change your condition, hold Me responsible! In other words, you should blame yourself and not God, for God is ready to help. God is ready to answer your prayers, but the problem still lies in you. Do you know that unbelief to God’s Words is a sign of wickedness?

  4. From the beginning, God has been hammering on unbelief through Prophets, through the Spoken Word and through the written Word. In addition, the reason why He appeared, displayed (revealed, showed) Himself was to banish unbelief. Yet people are still having unbelief.

  5. “Nothing is as contagious as evil, that is why, evil spreads faster than good.”

  6. Page 29, verse 13, “We are coming to the camp meeting based on individual conviction and decision. If you have grownups in your family, and they are not willing to come, do not persuade them or force them to come. Do not ever force them to come to the camp meeting for everybody is at liberty. They should try their liberty in Christ.”

  7. Nobody is saved for coming to the meeting, the same way nobody is unsaved for not coming to the meeting.

  8. When you heard “Son of Man, close the Book, seal up the testimony,” is your name in that Book? Is your name in that Book that has been closed? Is your testimony contained in that Book that was sealed up?

  9. It is not enough to clap hands and rejoice, if you are not careful, you will be rejoicing over the salvation of others. This is the time you will know where you are, whether you are good or bad you must know where you are.

  10. Page 26, “…Why is it so? It is because they are not having the same heartbeats. In appearance they look like one but spiritually they are divided. What is more, God is catching away a unique Body as an indivisible entity, bound together by God’s strong cord of Love.

  11. Nothing is found there but perfect love. Note, not doctrine, not teaching, not uniform, what is found there is perfect LOVE, people that are knit together in one mind, in one heart, in one principle. These are people that are qualified to stay together without quarrelling, no back-biting, no finding fault for it is joy, joy, joy.”

  12. Does it agree with the message of 1994? Any contradiction? No sir!

  13. “We want to see the picture of the Bride in plain view. This camp meeting, I will call it the Bride of Christ in Preview.”

  14. The foundation was laid on the 18th day of December, 1994. Moreover, without contradiction, that was the same thing God used in wrapping it up. The way it started was the way it ended. The same message He took off with, the same message closed it.

  15. Page 39, verse 17, “…Rather you notice that when you make credit in mock, you will make A’s (alpha) in the real exam. However, today, with money you can buy A A’s—alpha everywhere. On the other hand, in practice it is F9, F9 (failure).”

  16. Pure truth! How can you pass the mock and fail the main exam? You make credit in any subject during your mock examination; note that C it is A+. Moreover, if you dare make A in mock examination, get ready you are coming with aggregate 9, 10, 12 which is distinction.

  17. During our days, if you have pass, you have passed actually; what is your grade? It is your division not how many subjects you passed. Did you make division one 1, 2 or 3?

  18. “A brother presented Me a result with about eight (8) credits and two (2) B’s including English language; and I gave him a newspaper to read, what happened? Darkness fell. I turned to another page and said, “Read this one.” He said, “I have a problem with my eyes.” For over fifteen minutes, he was fumbling. Then I graciously asked him to go, called my last son, handed the newspaper over to him and then relaxed in my cushion; he gave Me what I needed.”

  19. Something secondary school certificate holder could not read, a student that is only in JSS 1 read all.


  1. “…God wantS to see whether we have been SUPPRESSING our feelings all these years, or a real change has takEN place in us. Remember that when any man is in Christ, he is a brand new individual within. Outside, he wears the look of the old person, But inside, a change has taken place.

  2. That which he could not tolerate before, he can now tolerate. That which he was tolerating before, he will now reject, Because when a man embraces Christ, the new life is directly opposite the OLD life. That is the only way you can know that something different has takEN place in your life.”

  3. The new life he now lives in Christ is directly opposite of the old life he was living before he embraced Christ. What if he has embraced Christ and continue in the old life? Is he not a liar? He is a liar! A hypocrite, pure counterfeit.

  4. If you do not know what you were yesterday, you will not know when a change has taken place in your life. Truth is life! Truth has no substitute. There is nothing you can use to substitute for truth.

  5. “If you do not know what you were yesterday, you are not going to know what you are today. If YOU DO not know what you were yesterday, you won’t know when a change has takEN place in your life.”

  6. Note the word: to you that claim that you are in the Faith of Christ. Not the ones God knows that are in the Faith, no! It is one that claims that he or she is in the Faith. There is a great difference between one that claims and one that knows that he or she is in.

  7. There is a great difference between a tenant and a landlord. The landlord protects his house from destruction, but the tenant vandalises it. The person that knows the worth of the building is the owner for he knows how much it took him to construct it. Hence, he protects his house from demolition or vandalization, but the tenant is only talking that he is paying money every month. If the landlord will come, he will say, “Do not disturb me I am paying you.”

  8. How much are you paying him? Can that your rent afford to make a foundation? Then if the landlord is a man, he will give him quit notice, and eject him immediately. Sometimes forcefully, use thugs in pulling him out to save his property.

  9. In this Faith, there are landlords, there are real owners of the Faith and there are tenants of the Faith. Those that are vandalizing this Faith are tenants, they do not know the worth of the Faith; they do not know the value. Such people will say, “Abi I no dey come fellowship? Abi I no dey makes contribution?”

  10. And so what? For that reason you think it is your right to behave anyhow, not in this Faith. The owner of the Faith will not allow you to behave anyhow. The Word of God must be enforced by force. The rules and regulations of the landlord must be enforced by force. Otherwise, his house will be vandalized by tenants.

  11. Sometimes, he can hire a lawyer; hand the building over to a trusted lawyer who will use the law to deal with the tenants. The whole idea there is to protect his property from being vandalized. Yes! You must know what this Faith is all about! Some people place their lives for this Faith, while some are tenants.

  12. Page 45, verse 10, “With humility, serve one another. With humility, serve each other. Humility goes beyond the Yoruba ways of prostrating before their elders, that one is a traditional one, a cultural way of salutation. Even to lie down, like Okey Oleri laid down when he went to his in-laws’ town to marry his wife, he was doing it traditionally for that is the traditional demand of the people of Owo in that Yoruba land. In other words, if you must marry their daughter, you must prostrate. ”

  13. Like Brother Okey Oleri was lying down, prostrating in front of the elders in order to marry a wife. This humility we are talking about surpasses that one. That humility was imposed humility for he wanted to marry their daughter.

  14. “HOWEVER, this humility we are talking about is the humility of the heart, born out of obedience to God’s word. What is more, it is not manufactured, it is not fabricated, it is not impersonated. DO NOT ever impersonate humility for You can change your voice to give the impression that you are humble, when you are violent. ”

  15. It has come to pass, I am a witness. I have been hearing many voices over the phone talking to Me very softly, talking like angels when they are all lions and lionesses. You can change your voice; you can even make yourself to look like baby-face. You can even wear your dress giving the impression that another angel has appeared. No problem about that, God knows everything.

  16. We are talking about the humility of the heart, lowliness of the heart which is generated as a result of your obedience to the Word of God and it becomes purely natural: A way of life, a habit that can never be taken away. However, if it is manufactured, if it is tutored; you know it can be tutored? It can be fully tutored into somebody by strict instruction, by threat, “If you do not do this I will take you away from my house. If you do not do it, this house will not accommodate both of us!”

  17. In other words, you are putting it into somebody, but situation, condition must surely expose the person. If it is mere suppression of feelings, do not worry God will raise a condition or a situation where the thing can no longer be suppressed. Nevertheless, if it is a habit, if it has become a norm, a lifestyle nothing in this life or in the life to come can influence the person away.

  18. Humility from God is very easy and it is peaceful all round. You cannot be peaceful and quarrelsome; the same way you cannot be peaceful and nagging. You cannot be peaceful and then having menacing eyes, flexing muscles and your mouth open to vomit venom and you are still in our midst. That one is impersonation of the true spirit, it does not last long.

  19. …Do you know that nobody has an innocent face more than a criminal?

  20. If a criminal is in this Church; it will take God to tell you: “You see this man, you see this woman with this innocent face, soft spoken, quiet in appearance; sometimes they can be silent but these people are hardened criminals.”

  21. You do not know that your quietness means understudying everybody, understudying the situation so that they will know how to strike. That is why St. Paul said, “Such people have crept into our midst unawares having only but one aim: to spy into our liberty in Christ that they might bring us back to bondage. They are looking for our weak point, our weaknesses so that they can strike. Be on the alert everybody.

  22. “You know I am a criminologist. There is no area of criminality, which I do not know. No matter how you want to hide it, it will take Me only two minutes of interaction with you, and I will tell you that you are a criminal. I tell you that, verify it, you are a criminal. Others may doubt Me, but you know that what I told you is truth.”

  23. There was one I mentioned his name before the Elders recently, he is in the Church in this congregation but a hardened criminal. The parents know he is a criminal. However, if I present him here, all of you will vote for him to be a pastor of this fellowship. He is even here now; I mentioned his name because those people that were with me have already build great confidence in him, thinking he is one of us.

  24. What is more, I gave them reasons why they should runaway. We feed many of them in our homes, give them food, give them money, give them drink; even offer them opportunity to pass a night with us. We know them very well. By the time they will be striking, they will think they are taking us unawares; they do not know we had already known them from the first day.

  25. We nurture them so that time will vindicate our conscience. No more, no less. If we should stop them immediately, people might be calling us wicked people. However, we give them all that they wanted, we allow them enough time.

  26. William Branham said, “A make believer is the last person that will leave the congregation,” for he endures rebuke, he endures chastisement, he endures suffering, he does everything to convince people that he is one of them; but he is not.

  27. He said that it is like those tiny stones you find in the rice, while picking the stone from the rice your eyes cannot see them. You wash with cold water, they are still there. Wash with hot water, you cannot see them they will escape. However, your teeth will find them out for the taste of the pudding is in the eating.

  28. Look at all the places it jumped, jumped selection with human eyes. Sometimes with eyeglasses, you cannot get them. Jumped being washed by cold water, jumped being washed by hot water also. Wash it hundred times they are there, but while eating your teeth will catch the stones. You will say, “So this thing travelled long distance!”

  29. Any way you pour the whole thing out as you say, “this stone is very stubborn. I am using it as illustration, the individuals knows themselves. Anything can tell lies, not your conscience. Anything can deceive you, not your conscience. As I have explained it now, they know that I know them. The same way they know me, I know their mission. I know them even more than they know themselves.

  30. … That is why people run away from Me. They do not come near Me because they know that their ways are not straightforward”.

  31. Note, that is why they run away from Me. They avoid Me as if they are avoiding death for they know I know everything around them. If the Son of Man is avoiding you, find out why? If He finds it difficult to answer your call, find out why? Do not ask me why but find out why? The answer is in your heart. If he offers you drink and you are reluctant to come to take the drink, find out why? But there are people that drink freely.

  32. “In addition, there is no way you can come to the Light without being exposed. Running away is not the remedy, rather change your heart, change your mind and you will be made acceptable unto God. ”.

  33. Running away is not the remedy, rather change your mind; change your heart the door will open for you. Amen.


the essence of our gathering

The Bride of Christ in Preview” page 46, verse 14, “...

  1. Do not present before Me, the Son of Man; do not present before your fellow brethren an innocent face with a wicked heart. Go to the message titled “A True Heart” preached by Apostle Kelechi many, many years ago. Another message titled, “What Is the Hope of a Hypocrite?” Handled by Apostle Kelechi, endorsed by the Son of Man.

  2. “A True Heart,” “What Is The Hope Of A Hypocrite?” Everything a hypocrite gains in this Faith through hypocrisy, the message said he must vomit all. At the end, he must vomit all. And he will only regrettably beat his heart with pains and sorrow at the end when there will be no more remedy.

  3. … what God wants to prove in the Bride, whether our hearts are as innocent as our faces”.

  4. Any day this revival we had in the last camp meeting dies in any individual, he is dead, she is dead, that family is dead, the congregation is dead. Lift it up higher and higher for no man can live a life higher than his doctrine. This is the standard God set for us to maintain in all the congregation of the children of God worldwide. No more, no less.

  5. “Note it very well, the moment there is disagreement in the heart, there must be disagreement in the flesh”.

  6. You can never agree spiritually and disagree with me physically. Impossible! Are we not human beings with spirit? We are! Think about it. Before somebody will reject you physically, he has rejected you spiritually. Once there is a spiritual clash, there must be a physical clash. “Serving the Lord is a vocation”. Serving the Lord is what? Vocation. And occupation!

  7. …Moreover, unless you are called, you have no right to force yourself into it”.

  8. If you are not employed in a company, can you answer a worker there? No! Can you go there at the end of the month to collect salary? No! Unless you are called to vocation, you have no right to impose yourself on that vocation.

  9. “With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love;”

  10. … Note, if there is no examination, how can the teacher assess the performances of the students? Is there any other way of assessing their performances if not through examination? What is more, this one is going to be a compulsory general examination.

  11. We have been having our mid-term tests, our class tests according to Local Assemblies. However, God is gathering the whole Local Assemblies together, to test our maturity. ”

  12. There is nothing God never used and there is nothing He will never use to drive His message down. Students can understand what it takes to take mid-term test, mock examination in preparatory for the main examination that involves everybody.

  13. “This is a practical test that must be devoid of anything counterfeit. Of course, you know you cannot impersonate the things of God, for I will surely catch you. You do not need to suppress your feelings; you do not need to begin to manufacture it. If it is not your nature, it is not your nature. If the Holy Spirit is not in there, it is not there. We want to know those that have the TRUE TOKEN.”

  14. We want to know those that have the True Token. Thus, the true token also appeared there.

  15. the essence of our gathering is to know those that have the true token and those that are parading with the false token.

  16. “We have been taught all these years and this is the hour of presentation of the Bride”.

  17. The hour of presentation of the Bride. You must know what is happening; this is the hour of presentation of the Bride. “The Bride, the Body of Christ is about to be handed over to the real Owner”.

  18. It was foretold before the book was closed, the testimony sealed. Any contradiction with the message 18th December, 1994? No! No contradiction but there was a great misconception that time for we were infants. We were listening to the message with great fear; fear could not allow us to understand the message. Now we have known all things.

  19. “…The Bride is about to be presented to the Owner, the Kingdom is about to be delivered into the hands of the Owner: “Father, this is the much I gathered from the Earth. From the zone where you posted me all these years, these are the number I gathered.” No more, no less.”

  20. If you know your name is in the number say Amen! If you really know, if you are sure and certain, I am sure of my own. I do not know about you. If you know you are sure like the Son of Man is sure, say Amen and rejoice.

  21. Because if you know you are sure, you say Amen by revelation. You are wearing cloth, don’t you know? This is what it takes to know your place. Judging from the Word, judging from the prophecy; judging from revelation you are there. No unbelief.

  22. “Note, one Lord, one Faith, one baptism. Thus, the Body of Christ is one indivisible entity, unique and must be presented same as a unique entity.”

  23. “... Anywhere you go to; you are comfortable, more comfortable than you can feel while staying with your blood father and mother”.

  24. More comfortable than staying with your biological brother, or father or relations. You cannot mix with your biological relations without being provoked, what you will get from them are provocations unless you compromise with them, peace will not be there. The only place you can find yourself and feel relaxed, feel happy, feel comforted every minute of the day is among your fellow brethren in Christ; they become everything to you if they are really brethren.

  25. Of course, if the spirit of Christ is in you, anywhere you meet a counterfeit you must know. If you have a good currency, genuine, if you jam counterfeit, you will identify it. You compare the two, the texture is different. The appearance, different; everything about it is fake.

  26. If I meet a fake brother and sister I know, we accommodate them anyhow so that their sins will find them out. Their sin will find them out; they will give themselves a name. This Faith is not for everybody, this Faith is for those that proceeded from the Fountain of Truth and the fountain of truth is Christ the creator of Heaven and Earth. He is the Fountain of Truth. If you do not proceed from the fountain of truth, you must feel uncomfortable with this truth.

  27. “…If you have not come to a point where you are relaxed and happy with the brethren more than you enjoy with your heathen parents or relations, you are not saved. God must give you a portion with your heathen relations, for that is where you derive your happiness, your joy, your comfort, your relaxation. that is where you are going to be placed. ”

  28. In other words, wherever a man derives his joy, his pleasure, his comfort; his relaxation that is where he is ordained to go. If it is from God and His people you will go there. If it is from the heathen, you will go there make no mistake about it.

  29. No matter how you decree and shout, I drink my wine and make my heart merry because I know my status in Christ. It is immovable, it is incontrovertible. Many of you are freer with your heathen people and associate more than you are with brethren in this Faith. You know that what the Son of Man is saying is truth, and that puts a question mark to whatever you claim to be in this Faith.

  30. You can deceive everybody but not God. When He speaks, your heart will faint. Even if He does not call your name, your heart must surely faint. Go back to the message titled “Convicted by Their Consciences” when God speaks, if you are on the guilty side and your conscience is still alive; it must prick you. However, if you are not on the guilty side, you are on the favourable side; you will feel like using your head to blow off the roof.

  31. …Note it very well; people with similar identity must be packed in one place”.

  32. Brother Sam Agu, take note. If you do not understand English call Brother IK to explain to you. People with identical characters must be packed on one side. Brother Emma Agu, take note also. All hypocrites will be packed where hypocrites are packed. That is what we are saying.

  33. What is more, the Son of Man is saying from today, if a hypocrite dies, he will be buried by the hypocrites. If the hypocrite calls for a party, hypocrite people will attend the party. If a child of God dies, children of God will bury him. If a child of God calls for a party, it must take the children of God to attend the party.

  34. I have already implemented it. Recently, I received a phone call from a young man by name Okechukwu who we picked all the way from the prison yard many, many years ago and nurtured him. Finally, he left for Owo. From Owo to Owena in Ondo State. Joined our brethren over there in fellowship and even became their pastor based on his numerous experiences he had in the Faith which started from the prison yard.

  35. While he was with us there, he was faring very well for God was blessing him. The Lord even helped him to the point that he got abundant money through the sales of shoes and many other items. Immediately he got that money, he left the Faith and joined some groups from Ihiala residents in Owena.

  36. They now enticed him and he used the whole money he had to go to a native doctor to make money by all means. He now went to make money rituals. He succeeded in getting a nice place; they collected the whole money he had, did all the rituals for him. When the time came for the money to be realised, they now commanded him to pay the last ritual. The thing became too much for him, he ran away and ran to his town, got married, intending to use the wife to pay the last ritual for there is nothing else he could do than to marry a wife who is supposedly to be the beneficiary and then offer her.

  37. Unfortunately for him, the parents of the lady refused the lady from joining him in Ondo State saying that they were not sure of his occupation.

  38. There at Iyi-owa the wife came, he was visiting the wife for he has two children. Because of that frustration, things became difficult; he came back and settled down in the East. From there, he came back to Onitsha, gave testimony and things like that before Me and some Elders. We pardoned him in love and accepted him.

  39. Voluntarily I gave him 38 publications, free, to enable him to get acquainted with the present stage of the ministry; knowing how I picked him from the prison yard where he was serving a life sentence. He stayed after a while, he began to fellowship anytime he wanted. Anytime he came to fellowship, I was responsible for his transport fare to and fro.

  40. Even I went further to give him money for feeding. I tried to establish him at Ihala, one day he came to Me with a flimsy excuse, that he was going back to Owena, that he has some transactions he initiated with some people and he will like to wind up and then come down finally.

  41. I said, “My friend you are a liar. You told Me that your sister gave you money to establish a business at Ihala, and you have started. Why not nurture the business? I want to tell you that you did not start anything, you are going back to that place with that money to re-enact that thing again.” He denied. I said, “Okay, if you want to go, go.”

  42. He went there; I did not hear anything about him again until one day, my phone rang, lo and behold it was the wife, telling me that Okechukwu was hospitalised at Nnewi Teaching Hospital. I asked her to come down, she came to fellowship, introduced herself to Me for I never knew her before. After which she told Me the whole story.

  43. I could not share the bad news. I said, “I have heard.” I then commanded her to go back, summoned Pastor Thomas together with Brother Philip, gave them twenty thousand Naira to go and give to him as a help in the hospital, so that I will talk to him. They offered the help.

  44. The following day he called and I then spoke to him for I called back, narrating everything and then asked him what happened? He then told me he fell down from a staircase while he was carrying a bucket of water and in the process hit his head on the bucket he was carrying on his hand. That the thing gave a little bulge and he never knew that the little bulge will result to tumour of the brain or forehead and things like that.

  45. Before then he has been operated on the forehead twice. I asked him when it happened, he said it was the time he went back. I said, “No you are telling me lies. If you do not tell Me the truth you are dying.” He became quiet and I switched off my phone. A week later he called again. He said, “Daddy, I have to tell you the whole truth. You were right in what you told me, please just save my life and I will give the full testimony.

  46. I said, “Try and give Me a little.” He opened up again saying, “Daddy, it has been that money of a thing. I came from a poor family; money put me in the prison. And I vowed a vow that when I came out I will stop at nothing until I become a millionaire.”

  47. I said, “Okay, you will now be a millionaire in the grave.” He wept and wept. I said, “Okay take it easy send your wife to fellowship.” The wife came; I sat her down and then exposed everything. Commanded her to go back and tell the husband what I said and then begging him to tell the full confession to her and his relations because he was going to die.

  48. The wife wept. While she was going, I gave her two thousand Naira for transportation. Then when they got to hospital, they handed their phone to their elder sister to talk to Me. The woman spoke, I could not see her face. We exchanged greetings, said, “Madam or miss, whichever you are, accept it. I want to declare our stand; your brother was our member until he departed.” She said that she was aware that she was a member of the family that discouraged him from that thing.

  49. I said, “Okay, what was responsible for the injury he had on the head?” She replied, “My dear, up till now the whole people of Ihiala are still querying the injury and we are suspecting that he must have gone somewhere.”

  50. I said, “Well he knows the truth. Before he left for that place, look at what he told me. I am talking to you because you do not mistake the money we gave to him. We gave the twenty thousand Naira compassionately as we have been doing to people irrespective of their faith who come to us for help, the same way we treated his wife who we knew not.

  51. We never knew the wife until this matter came up, and she never knew us. It was an honest appeal as a result of friendship we had in time past, and we gave him twenty thousand Naira as help but that does not qualify him to be our member.

  52. To crown it all, for the period he sojourned with us, both at Owena and down in the East at Ihiala; from all our books his name never appeared anywhere where he made contribution of one naira for anything in this Faith.

  53. What is more, he never attended any burial or wedding ceremony or any activity or camp meeting organised by the Faith for one day. Over the years, I am saying that he is not our member for I know he will not come down from that bed.”

  54. The woman switched off. In the evening, the wife called again. I could not answer that call because she opened up with tears. Then two days after, I got another call that Okechukwu died.

  55. I said, “Yes I told you.” The wife ask what she will do. I said, “Go to your people and his people. I declared our stand before he died, I told him; I told everybody. He is not our corpse. Hence do not make the mistake of inviting us for we are not coming.”

  56. Nevertheless, something prompted it now. It was the statement I made: If a deceiver dies, it will take a deceiver to bury the person. If a robber dies, is it not robbers that will bury the person? It is! If a child of God dies, it must take the children of God to bury him or her. When Stephen died, who buried him? The children of God. When Jezebel died, who buried her?

  57. For the Word of God to come to pass through the mouth of Prophet Elijah, Jezebel died in the morning, before ten O’clock her body has been eaten up. Anybody Bakassi kills, will he be buried? No!

  58. What am I saying, what if I did not talk to them while he was alive excluding himself from this Faith, they would have been holding us guilty. Remember what I said during the meeting: Henceforth, the Son of Man can never attend the burial of any hypocrite and will never permit the saints of God to do same. I am still putting you in remembrance.

  59. Then the great question is, how do we know a hypocrite and who is not? Moreover, I would say by their fruit you shall know them. If I have the spirit of Christ, Brother Osegbo has the spirit of Christ he must accept me. Even if I am cripple, even if I am suffering from a dreaded disease, the worst sickness on Earth, Brother Osegbo cannot deny me. That is the time he will love me more.

  60. However, if I do not have the spirit of Christ and he has it, even if I am the king of this world his heart will say no. he will prefer to die than to compromise with me so that I will feed him.

  61. …Note it very well; people with similar identity must be packed in one place”.

  62. If we are using one cup to drink water and wine; My heart will be pure, but if your heart is not pure there will be something that will be querying you. If you are being given wine in the cup, you will use hand to cover it.

  63. If two brothers are walking along the road and one is busy looking back, don’t you know that he is afraid? The person he is going with, is that person his brother? No! Brother, “Come out let me close my door shows lack of trust.” Do you get the message?

  64. He has something in mind. Truth gives life. We have it in our Fellowship hall, The Sword of Truth, the Sword of the Spirit can never depart from you. Amen.


The Bride of Christ in Preview,” page 58, verse 53, “The Law is carnal, wherever the Law is, all lawmakers will be there. However, Grace is spiritual; thus, we are of the grace of God who worship God spiritually, not giving any attention to the things of the flesh. We are packed one place. You are either on the side of Grace, or on the side of Law.”

  1. If you believe it say Amen, Amen!

  2. …Nobody can be neutral on this matter...”

  3. Nobody can be neutral on this matter. Since the world began it has been the same Voice. The choice you make will determine where you will land and whatever you believe will be used in judging you. If you believe in the Law, you will be judged by the Law. You believe in Grace, you will be judged by Grace which is the Law of liberty.

  4. “You must know your position before the D-day. If at the end you fail to make it, you will not ask why. For the ‘why’ will be answered by you”.

  5. If at the end you fail to make it, you will not ask why. For the why will be answered by you. What locked you out is in you, you know it instantly. Let Me ask you a question: A young child went for jamb examination, studied very well and he was very brilliant and has it in mind that he will pass. He now went to where they were studying, their instructor now said that he should give him money that he should enter with his handset that they will send him the answers. He now agreed.

  6. He got to the hall instead of writing that which he knows, he kept quiet, hold his pen in his hand waiting for the one that will come. That which was promised will come did not come until one minute to go, one minute to go the answer never came.

  7. He now picked pen and mark wrong, wrong answers. What will be the fate of his result? Immediately he collected his result, he will be crying very badly. His parents will be saying no, no; no. his parent will be saying he did not study well, that is the reason why he failed. However, he himself knows that he studied, the reason why he did not pass is because he did not write what he studied. If he had used his brain to write what he studied, nothing will stop him from passing the exam.

  8. Another jamb has come again. Whoever that does not know will fail it again.

  9. …Nobody can be neutral on this matter; you must know your position before the D-day”.

  10. You must know your position before the D-day. In our message titled “Strive to Be a Star?” God said, “A wise and industrious student passes his examination at home before he enters the examination hall. He is sure and certain, after preparing himself; no matter how the examination looks like, no matter what the examiner will say that the secret has been discovered for they will never set anything beyond their text books”.

  11. I told you when we were doing sports, especially football, I cannot forget the experiences I had with my trainer in those days, particularly when we were playing the then B and T Spiders which later became Vasco Dagama of Enugu. They were nicknaming us “active footballers without winning any match” and that was what we were. No team ever plays better than Vasco Dagama in the midfield, but we were never winning any match.

  12. Why? Our trainers did not train us to score, rather they trained us to entertain the fans. Thus we could beat anybody beatable in the field. There will be ovations and shout we could not realise that only goals win the match and not entertainment.

  13. Only goals determine the winner. You can entertain your fans, and your opponent will be doing the scoring. Any slightest mistake, they will use it to beat the defenders and then the net will shake. The thing will come out again for you to begin to entertain everybody again. That was why when I noticed that useless style of football, I switched over to Flash Flamingos. That is, with chief Osakwe where I played one season and injury put me out of the pitch.

  14. If not for injury, I would have proceeded and at the end I would have become a useless fellow. Nevertheless, I believe that injury was caused by God. It was God that caused the injury otherwise to make a U-turn; it will be hard. Moreover, the highest I would have attained is to become a local coach.

  15. Stephen Keshi is now a local coach, Austin Eguavon, a local coach. Rasheed Yekini, a local coach. Kadiri Ikhana, a local coach. Sahiru Sadi, a local coach. Ayo, Ogunlana, a local coach. These were stars that featured with us that time. I would not have gone higher than that. Okorowanta, my mate, they appointed him a local coach in Benin.

  16. … This is the period of self-examination; we are carrying out another form of review, mock test, hour of presentation of the Bride of Christ. After decorating the Bride, He will present her unto Himself as a glorious virgin not having spot or wrinkle or blemish.”

  17. Cast your minds back to what happened on the D-day. If you have the tape, the video tape, please play them from now you will have another revelation. You see, whatever that transpired during the meeting, was predicted ahead of time. That a time came when Apostle Kelechi was invited to come and examine the flock, and I cannot forget the testimony of Brother IK Nwobodo when he identified with this Faith and that was in 1997.

  18. The day we were cleaning the toilet, you came from Nkpor where Mary Ezichi was living. That time he jumped the prison, he was in the prison as a criminal. He jumped the prison at Nnewi and then ran to Nkpor from there he came to fellowship. I gave him one assurance: “If you abide in this Faith having told me the whole truth; God will make your case for you. It was a case between him and the Pastor where he was worshipping.

  19. I gave him assurance that he will never go to court again until the man dies. The man has died and brother IK Nwobodo did not go to court again. Brother IK Nwobodo, any day you leave this Faith, that case must come up whether the man is alive or dead. That case must come up and you must go to prison.

  20. For now, the Lord has imprisoned you. You see, he is now transferred from the prison of darkness to the prison of light. We are all prisoners of Christ. If you are not a prisoner of Christ; you are a criminal.

  21. You see there are many wicked people in our midst, mere mentioning Pastor Dan because of what I just said now, it bounced back on Me: “Who knows what he has committed?” I was making the statement while I was going on the other side and I heard it from one of the pews. I will not mention the name of person that said it.

  22. Pastor Dan did not commit any offence, he did not commit anything. Is Pastor the first person I have commanded to see Apostle Kelechi? Do I handle every case? There are some cases that are somehow and I will refer the person to go and see Apostle Kelechi. Why then do we have the vice-president?

  23. Is it every case that President Jonathan handles? There are foreign missions which Ambassadors from foreign countries can bring, intending to see Mr President and the person will be referred to see the vice president that their case is in the vice-president’s office.

  24. Is it every projects that Mr President commission? There are project that he may even assign to his personal assistant or to a minister or even a state governor to go and represent him. Let me make it clear to that person that Pastor Dan did not commit anything.

  25. Note it, there is no thought, there is no statement, there is no feeling you are harbouring there without even saying it with your mouth; you muttered it with your heart, the Son of Man must magnet it.

  26. Peter did not talk. Peter muttered it in his heart, Jesus Christ magnated it. You were calling Him Jesus the Christ, what magnated it was Christ in Jesus. If you want to know what I am saying, go back to the message titled “The Inner Voice,” for the thoughts of your heart speak loudest before the Throne of God than the voice of your mouth.

  27. It is better to speak with your mouth than to speak with your heart. For what will condemn you is not what comes out of your mouth but what you harbour in your heart.

  28. The Inner Voice, remember God said, “From time to time if you want to survive in this Faith till the end, go back to the message titled “The Inner Voice” for it is going to be a must for every individual in this Faith, a must for every family.

  29. …unity of the body and of the spirit is what God is testing this time around. He wants to know whether we are united in the body and also in the spirit, for that is the only people God is taking home”.

  30. People that are united in the spirit, united also in the body. When this two are united, then the character must be one for behind every character, there is always a spirit. “I do not want you to go home and start to manufacture anything, for you can’t fabricate it or call your children together; this is how we are going to act. You will become an actor. Do not act anything in the camp, allow the Holy Spirit to bear witness of the level of work, level of transformation, level of change that has taken place in your life. Which the credit will go to God and God alone”.

  31. Remember, if it is not permanent, it is not from God. If it ended when the camp meeting ended, it is manufactured. However, if it continues after the camp meeting, it is permanent, it is from God. For whatever God does, it is eternal. Nothing can be added or subtracted from it. If you believe it say Amen.

  32. “The Bride of Christ in Preview” page 66, verse 12: “… No other person will take the credit of melting you and remoulding you. Glory be to God.”

  33. Nobody else takes the credit of melting you, remoulding you, filling and using you.

  34. “You cannot be peaceful in the heart with a menacing look or harassing look, embarrassing look, intimidating look. Once you have peace in your heart, your eyes must be peaceful. It can never be filled with wrath again”.

  35. “No more caustic remarks on each other: “Stupid, goat; that is what we know you people for, fool, drunkard.”

  36. “Begin to examine yourself, let me begin to examine myself to know whether I am measuring up to the standard God has set for all that will be with Him eternally in Paradise.”

  37. A standard God has set for all that will be with Him eternally which He can never lower down because of anybody. He does not accept bribe.

  38. … These must be our standard. No cause of offence will be found there (PARADISE).”.

  39. This must be our standard as many as are already in Him. Always be thankful. Do you know that many of you are not thankful? Many of you, even ministers are not thankful. Moreover, you think it is a good character. Always be thankful: “Oh, Brother I appreciate! Sister I appreciate.” Some of us in this Faith, heathens are more thankful than us. Some of us are not thankful in this Faith, we are ingrates.

  40. “As long as God has found fault with it, it can never cross over. No fault will cross over. No fault will cross over, unless that fault is not revealed”.

  41. Faults are revealed through the preaching of God’s Word. The only fault that will cross over is the one that is not revealed.

  42. “…This person that will make you to hate your brother in Christ, and you know that your father is Devil, you know that your mother and your relations were hating the children of God, in other words, to them, God’s children will become Devil, become people that do not know God, children of God that are not useful, God will give you the portion where He gave your relations.”

  43. When you join your relations, your heathen parents to hate the children of God, blaspheme them along side with your parents; still come to the Church and hide, God said you are deceiving yourself.

  44. “It is very easy for us to believe that somebody is going to hell than to believe that our parents are going to hell”.

  45. It is better say to people outside than your parents.

  46. … How many of you in this Faith can be bold enough to stand before your father and mother and tell him or her, say, “Mama, I am telling it to your face because I don’t know what I can do to you again. You are going to Hellfire straightaway, for you are not a child of God”?

  47. “I am number one that has done it. As far as this message is concerned, so far so good I wish to ask whether there is any noticeable contradiction with what we received in 1994? Any noticeable contradiction? None. In other words, it goes to confirm that there is constancy and continuity in the message or messages we have received so far.

  48. We thank God for the ministers, we thank God for God Who has prepared them from the foundation of the world, knew ahead of time that He will use them in this last days when the entire world will be groping in utter darkness.

  49. Re-examine yourself, do not rest or relax until you have completed the reading of this message in your family. By the time you finish reading the message, I am of the view that God will speak to you in a wonderful way.

  50. Do not allow anybody to find fault with you, but find fault with yourself so that the correction will be very easy. If somebody faults you, you might be thinking that he hates you. HOWEVER, if you can fault yourself, correction is already made. Amen.


We want to get everybody acquainted with the developments in our country. Events from our news desk. Having furnished you with all spiritual blessings, I wish also to furnish you with useful information, all confirming the fulfilment of our Prophetic messages concerning our great nation, Nigeria.

  1. The tide is gathering, the wind is blowing as it was in the year 1966, the wind is blowing again. All the reports are speaking the same thing. The paper I got on Thursday said, “We are going back to Aburi Again.” Another one said, “We Must Go Back to Aburi Declaration.” Another one says, “On Confederation We Stand.”

  2. Whichever way they want to go, all will boil down to confirming the Voice of God that the Kola-nut with six indisputable lobes is about to break. Events as we have them from our news desk.

  3. God said that if you must quote anything to back-up your statement or discussion with anybody on such volatile issue as we have them in our dailies, do not quote any other media report than newspaper which is verifiable. Do not quote television, do not quote radio; quote newspaper.

  4. If you want Me to get a newspaper that was published in 1940, I will bring one for I know where to go and get a copy for information is stored somewhere. But ask me of the news that was relayed yesterday, I will tell you it is nowhere to be found. The best way of preservation of information remains the print media finish.

  5. We will go through the national dailies whether they agree with predictions we have so far received in this Faith. For God said that our duty for now is to watch and wait as events unfold on a daily basis.

  6. The AU mission to Somalia ended in futility. In spite of the peace move, the El-Shaabab, the Islamic group ceaselessly bombarded both Ethiopia and Kenya. They killed not less than sixty Ethiopian soldiers and they are ready to kill more. They have been bombarding Ethiopia and Kenya saying no going back.

  7. In Syria it is on record that the peace moves by the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan ended in futility also. In spite of his move for cease fire, the rebels are saying no. Federal troops are still killing. Recently also, Israel incured the wrath of Palestine by bombing Gaza-Strip. Killing not less than forty soldiers. In retaliation Palestine killed too many Israeli soldiers.

  8. Throughout 10th March, 2012 night, starting from 4:00pm Nigeria time till 11th March, 2012 morning; Israel received a heavy bombardment of rocket attacks from Palestine. For they have vowed a vow that they will no longer go to UN for anything peace talk or negotiation. Everything will now be settled in the battlefield. Iran is now ready for Israel and for America.

  9. It is hopefully being expected that Israel will bombard Iran on or before 31st March this year or else, the Jews will be wiped off together with Allied Forces by Iran.

  10. The stage is set. Everywhere there is trouble, we are not talking about Tsunami in Japan neither are we talking about the Typhoon wind that carried over three hundred people in America. We are not talking about the flood that carried over a thousand buildings and human beings in Indonesia and things like that. Neither are we talking about the battle between Kabila and the rebels in Congo Brazzaville. Even Congo Kinshasa, Congo Léopoldville they are all having problems right now.

  11. Thus, there is trouble everywhere. Remember the case of Cote-d’Ivoire is still on. Our former President and Head Of State Obasanjo, ignited a fire he cannot quench in Senegal by going there to represent ECOWAS monitoring team by officiating in their so-called election which never produced any president till now. Who caused it? Obasanjo, for he wanted his friend who has been staying there for long to remain there and the people said no.

  12. African leaders are bad, when they come to the throne; they can hardly step down it is unfortunate. Even Goodluck Jonathan is now working for eight years tenure. He has started amending the constitution of Nigeria to his own destruction. Note: to his own destruction.

  13. Remember that I told everybody that the seat of Boko Haram is Sokoto, that Sokoto appears to be calm and quiet. Maintaining observant status that when the trouble starts in Sokoto; it will not calm down again for the whole thing will wind up in the Sokoto Caliphate which will engulf Gusau that is Zamfara and Kastina.

  14. I mentioned these two prominent states and then Kebbi in Brinni-Kebbi. Although Kebbi is occupied by the so-called Christians, but there must be an emirate in Kebbi, so it is with Jos.

  15. No matter the struggle, no matter how Yakubu Gowon and his co people will try to say no. Jos will soon become an Emirate like Kano. Simply underline these things.

  16. It is a must. Right now the whole forces in Nigeria have come to believe that the head quarter of Boko Haram is now Sokoto. All the Emirs in Sokoto State are responsible. The white that were killed that is now a great roar over the world, they were kidnapped in Sokoto, killed in Sokoto.

  17. Well, I will not be surprised—the young man who says he was Kabiru Sokoto, who was arrested in Maiduguri, he escaped in Abaji that is Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and was re-arrested again and up till now he is still maintaining his ground.

  18. Have you wondered why nobody has been imprisoned for the role he played by Boko Haram? And nobody has ever been tried in the court; instead Nigeria is trying to negotiate with them. Why? In spite of the random killings, there is no personality of person they have not killed ranging from the Army to the Police.

  19. Look at Niger Delta, recently, what an embarrassing report? That Niger Deltan militant lay ambush and wiped off not less than fifteen naval officers on board. They sank the ship that was carrying the naval policemen whose bodies have not been recovered till now. They even killed the chairman of JTF (Joint Task Force) in Bayelsa. The boys killed him and nothing happened. That is Nigeria.

  20. Gombe, few days ago, they killed the DPO and four other police officers. Nothing happened, yet America is promising to be assisting Nigeria in security. What are they doing? Security is of the Lord. Why can’t they succeed? It is because the hand of God is behind it. The more they try, the more they are failing.

  21. Remember what God said, the removal of fuel subsidy was so much in Nigeria. Almighty God spoke to all of us said, you see this fuel subsidy removal with its attendant trouble; that is just a minor thing. That very soon it will be over. Then the bombshell that will shatter this nation and shatter President Jonathan will come. It is no other thing but RESOURCE CONTROL. For Niger Delta can never live to see the North control their resources anymore.

  22. That they will even resist President Jonathan because of this resource control. When nothing like that was on the scene, we were grappling with the problem of Boko Haram crisis and then the fuel subsidy removal. However, God saw something greater than that ahead and announced it to you. The nation knew nothing about it. Before your eyes, the problem of resource control appeared.

  23. Who will speak and it will come to pass? Almighty God! Rapture is wrapped in the Spoken Word; it will also come out in a minor way. Simple way like that. Before your eyes the whole thing will happen. The fulfilment of any Prophetic statement brings you closest to the departure day. This is 2012, bear it in mind.

  24. Excerpts: How North corners Nigeria’s oil wealth

  25. Alhaji Mai Deribe, Cavendish Petroleum OML 110. Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero, Seplat/Platform, Asuokpu/Umutu Marginal Field. SAPETRO, T.Y.Danjuma, OPL 246. Okoro, Setu Fields, Rilwanu Lukman, OML 112. Amni International, Alhaji (Colonel) Sani Bello . Oriental Energy, Alhaji Mhammed Indimi, OML 115. Equity Energy, Alhaji Aliko Dangote,. Express Petroleum, Alhaji Aminu Dantata, OML 108. HE is a rebel, no doubt.

  26. But the leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujahid Asari-Dokubo insists that he is a rebel with a cause. “

  27. Asari Dokubo was in Enugu yesterday with his delegation for Niger Delta and Middle-Belt. They joined hands with MASSOB to say last bye-bye to their friend and leader, late Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu. But that alliance between Niger Delta and Middle-Belt shouldn’t be taken seriously. I will tell you why, I will not talk about Niger Delta again. Time and event must vindicate me.

  28. Excerpt continues: “In an interview with Sunday Compass, published on pages 13, 14 and 15 today, he expressed dismay that the wealth of Nigeria is not in the hands of the land owners, neither is it in real terms in the hands of the Federal Government.

  29. The oil wealth, he said, is firmly in the hands of Northern leaders.

  30. According to him, the unfair socio-political system that disallows Southern Nigerians to exercise ownership on Northern lands yet put southern lands in the hands of Northerners, must stop immediately.

  31. He also argues that Northern leaders are the biggest enemies of their geo-political zone, going by the realization that their ownership of the vast oil wealth of the Niger Delta region has not resulted in good standards of living for Northerners.

  32. He listed some of the Northerners who own and operate oil blocs in the Niger Delta while hundreds of thousands of the original landowners live in shacks at home and under bridges in Lagos State and other Nigerian state capitals.

  33. When his opinion was sought about the recent arguments of Northern leaders that there is imbalance in the distribution of the nation’s wealth, with oil producing states receiving so much while Northern states get so little, he thundered: “We want 100 percent of our resources. Even the little that is going to them is very painful to us. The little that they said they are taking, it is terribly, terribly painful to us. We want them all, because it belongs to us. It does not belong to them.

  34. On the argument about poverty in the North, he said: ‘This much no one disputes, the poverty has bred millions of destitutes, who have become instant and easy recruits for Boko-Haram. But the question is: Who impoverished the North? I want to posit that the core North through their aristocrats and ex-military rulers rake an enormous income from oil money from the Niger Delta individually, much more than any individual or group of individuals from the South, and collectively more than 10 times the entire Niger Delta business men in the oil and gas industry put together.’

  35. Asari-Dokubo continued: ‘At least, estimated 75 percent of crude oil and gas produced by indigenous companies is controlled by the North. However, the loot never get back home. The very uneven nature of the distribution of the nation’s wealth (is) among the Northern aristocratic families and their military generals who for decades looted Nigeria. They did so blatantly, and while Nigeria was weeping about oil windfall loot and others, Nigerians would wail if they know how much of the nation’s resources these folks allocated to themselves and their business fronts before they stepped aside.’

  36. Giving details of the ownership of the oil blocs, he said: ‘Cavendish Petroleum, the operators of OML 110 – with good yielding OBE field. This oil block was awarded to Alhaji Mai Deribe - the Borno patriarch, who even in death will remain the richest man dead or alive in the history of Borno state- by General Sani Abacha on the 8th of July, 1996. OML 110 has a proven oil reserve in excess of 500 million barrels, more than the entire 300 milliom barrels reserve of Sudan.

  37. It has the capacity to produce about 120,000 barrels of crude oil daily from its OBE 4 and OBE 5 wells. At current production levels, the Mai Deribes net circa N4 billion monthly in crude oil sales, using oil price estimates of $100 per barrel.’

  38. Asari-Dokubo continued: ‘Mai Deribe’s mansion, in allegedly poor Maiduguri is one of the most lavish mansions anywhere on Earth; it used to be a tourist attraction, before Boko Haram’s tourism deterrent activities. The Fulani Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s cousin, is a key shareholder and director in Seplat/Platform Petroleum operators of the Asuokpu/Umutu Marginal Field with a capacity of 300,000 barrels monthly and A 30mmfcsd gas plant capable of feeding 100MT of LPG.

  39. The Ado Bayeros, Yar’Aduas and Atiku Abubakar are Nigerian holders of Intels. It runs a private port that has grounded three federal ports in the South. Intels is discussed later. South Atlantic Petroleum Limited (SAPETRO). South Atlantic Petroleum (SAPETRO) is a Nigerian Oil Exploration and Production Company that was created in 1995 by General T. Y. Danjuma, who is also Chairman of ENI Nigeria. General Sani Abacha awarded the Oil Prospecting License (OPL) 246 to SAPETRO in February 1998.

  40. The block covers a total area of 2,590km2 (1,000 sq. miles). SAPETRO partnered with Total Upstream Nigeria Ltd (TUPNI) and Brasoil Oil Services Company Nigeria Ltd (Petrobras) to start prospecting on OPL246. Akpo, a condensate field was discovered in April 2000 with the drilling of the first exploration well (Akpo 1) on the block. Other discoveries made on OPL 246 include the Egina Main, Egina South, Preowei and Kuro (Kuro was suspended as a dry gas/minor oil discovery).”

  41. Note, know the names of the owners and where they come from and the quantity of oil they export on a daily basis.

  42. Excerpts continues: “In June 2006, General TY Danjuma divested part of his contractor rights and obligations to China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for $1 billion (N160bn). Akpo exports about 230,000 barrels of condensate daily. Condensate export is not regulated by OPEC, so SAPETRO/TOTAL exports as much as possible each day.”

  43. Note, this is a correct information from our news desk. This young man that brought this thing out was their agent. Remember he is a lawyer, although he did not graduate at UNN. It was because of trouble of Niger Delta that made him to pull out. He was already in his final year, his father was a chief judge. So he is not an ordinary fellow like that. And in religion, he is an Alhaji, well respected.

  44. Remember he was among those that were trained by Babangida in Libya, Pakistan and Somalia on suicide bombing. Now, he has come out to die. He is now like Ojukwu speaking the mind of the people irrespective of his religion. He said that if he does not speak loud now; after eliminating his people they will eliminate him, his Faith notwithstanding.

  45. He was the man that was representing their interest not knowing that they were struggling against his people. So he knows all these locations, he knows all their license numbers and everything. Nobody can doubt it, he published everything there. Nobody has ever challenged any of them. This was the money T.Y Danjuma said he didn’t know what to do with it; published in the newspaper that he has over 30 something, something trillion Naira which he does not know what to do with it.

  46. Look at it, is it not stupidity? When we are languishing in abject poverty, abject deprivation and you are telling me as a retired General that you do not know what to do with excess money you have acquired from oil. Is he not crazy? He is a mad man. Give it to me and let the whole world watch me and know where I will employ the money.

  47. I will use it to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria. At least face one geopolitical zone, create job for them by establishing industries and companies where they can be gainfully employed.

  48. Give me half of the budget of any state and I will use it to solve the problem of unemployment in that state. They are swindling all these money abroad where the money are being used by foreign countries to develop their own countries, create jobs for their teeming youths while we are perishing here.

  49. No sympathy for Esau, you will know the reason now. One that is betrayed by his father has no stand. If you are betrayed by your father; where do you run to? Our fathers have betrayed us, notably among them was Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, the same way Matthew Mbu of River State and the rest sold their people off.

  50. Do you see the name of any Niger Delta own any oil firm? No Igbo man is there. An Igbo man is just representing the interest of an Hausa man, Abudusalami Abubakar and that is Okoro and Okoro”.

  51. Excerpt continues: “Egina exports about 75,000 barrels of oil daily. Therefore, Akpo and Egina fields export just over 300,000 barrels of oil/condensate daily (three times what the country Ghana exports).”

  52. Look at daily exportation. What they are doing daily. Any foreign currency that enters into their private account not central bank, not Nigeria money is their own money”.

  53. Excerpt continues: “SAPETRO (TY Danjuma) get’s 25% of this. Now, note I have not talked about the gas component – it’s about 2.5 trillion cubic feet. The money SAPETRO nets each month is more than the monthly statutory allocation to any Nigerian state and also more than the oil revenue of Ghana. Do your maths.

  54. Brethren we are in this Faith to enlighten you, furnish you with correct information. When you will be speaking, you will be speaking authoritatively. We are not in this Faith to fool anybody; you begin to see why we are not Nigerians. We are not Nigerians. Nigeria, the only country that an individual is richer than the country. One man richer than Nigeria.

  55. Excerpt continues “The licenses are due to expire 11/02/2018 and 05/08/2019 respectively. The Okoro and Setu fields in OML 112 are operated by Afren Energy, a company substantially controlled by Rilwanu Lukman.

  56. The Okoro and Setu oil fields have about 50 million barrels in reserve and currently produce/exports just a little below 20,000 barrels per day. The chairman of AMNI International Petroleum and Development Company is Alhaji (Colonel) Sani Bello a Fulani from Kontagora, Niger State.”

  57. Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari means different things to different people. However, the former President of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) and leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), has remained consistent in the struggle for good governance, equity and fairness to all people and tribe.

  58. When EMMANUEL ENYINNAYA APPOLOS met him during the week in Abuja, he spoke on some topical issues.

  59. Last week, governors from the Northern part of Nigeria said the problems in the north stemed from poverty. They argued that the poverty in the North is as a result of poor revenue allocations to them.

  60. Remember what God said in the message titled the “State Of The Nation” volume 2, this matter featured there. They are making noise over revenue sharing formula, but they should concern themselves with revenue generating formula. For you must produce cake before you begin to quotarise it?

  61. Is revenue sharing formula the only thing they know? Didn’t they know that revenue must be produced before it is shared? Let them give us the formula for producing revenue.

  62. They want the allocation shared equal to all the states in the country. Also, northern members in the National Assembly have joined their governors in the cry. In fact, they have said that they will frustrate the passage of the 2012 budget. Do you believe that revenue allocation formula should be reviewed as they want?

  63. The Okoro and Setu fields in OML 112 are operated by Afren Energy, a company substantially controlled by Rilwanu Lukman. The Okoro and Setu oil fields have about 50 million barrels in reserve and currently produce/exports just a little below 20,000 barrels per day.

  64. The chairman of AMNI International Petroleum and Development Company is Alhaji (Colonel) Sani Bello, a Fulani from Kontagora, Niger State. Lest I forget, Alhaji Bello’s son- Abu, is married to General Abdusalami Abubakar’s eldest daughter.

  65. Oriental Energy Resources Limited, a company owned by Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, a close friend of General Ibrahim Babangida. Also worthy of note is that General IBB’s first son is married to Alhaji Mohammed Indimi’s daughter – Yakolo Indimi-Babangida, who also serves as a director in the company. Alhaji Indimi hails from Niger State.

  66. Oriental Energy Resources Limited runs three oil blocks: OML 115, the Okwok field and the Ebok field. OML 115 and Okwok are OML PSC, while Ebok is an OML JV. All of them crown offshore oil blocks.

  67. OML 115 on its own is 228 sq Km. On OML115 Oriental Energy Resources Limited has 60 per cent while Equity Energy Resources AS, which Alhaji Aliko Dangote’s oil and gas investment vehicle has 40 per cent (Aliko Dangote is from Kano). On Okwok, Addax has 40% and on the Ebok field, Oriental Energy Resources shares with none: its 100 per cent. AMNI produces twice as much as Cavendish Petroleum.

  68. Express Petroleum and Gas Limited floated by Alhaji Aminu Dantata, solely for the purpose of fronting for winning oil block(s) even though he and the company are in no way qualified for the award. General Abacha awarded him OML 108 on the 1st of November, 1995.

  69. CAMAC Houston, a company owned by Kase Lawal bought 2.5% of Express Petroleum’s 60% holdings. The other 40% on OML 108 is owned by Sheba E&P Limited, an IBB tributary company. SEPCOL operates the Ukpokiti offshore field in Shallow water Nigeria, which was acquired from ConocoPhillips in May 2004.

  70. Shebah Exploration And Production Limited (SEPCOL) . It is the operator of the Oil Mining License 108 offshore Nigeria. Head office is in Lagos, but ‘head quartered’ in Minna.

  71. Consolidated Oil. Conoil Producing Limited is an integrated upstream oil and gas company. They are the operator of six blocks in the Niger Delta as well as 25per cent equity holder in the Joint Development Zone (JDZ) Block 4. Corporate Head office is in Lagos, but its ‘Headquarters’ is in Minna, Niger State.

  72. Conoil signed a tec